Sunday, February 28, 2010

flea market finds

this week I'm playing along with ' Flea Market Finds' hosted by the lovely Sophie at Her Library Adventures. I'm a day late, but any-hoo. This is what I found..

A gold fawn money box. Isn't it kitschy? Going to paint it green I thinks. Or shall I leave it as is?

Also some more vintage suitcases (because gee-whiz I don't have enough of those), a bird ornament, some old fabric, some lunch and a sore arm from carrying it all home. Go have a squiz at Sophie's lovely blog, and see some other lucky peep's great finds too.

my week in pictures

Trying to think of reasons I may need this many of my favourite colour pencil.

Lunch at the markets with my Mum

Running into old friends. Oh Murphy you are the best. dog. ever.

Organs in unexpected places.

Cooked lunch for 10 work collegues. Delish.

Sewing a baby quilt for the little one my sister is expecting. She's up the duff. Bun in her oven. I am excited.
Trying to crochet. Emphasis on trying. Good lord. Note the obvious lack of any evidence of successful crochet to show you.
Still struggling for space in my studio/bedroom. Fighting paperwork at my 9 to 5, reading frankie with cups of tea, finding muscles I forgot I had at the gym, drawing new cushions, finding new short haircut means that girls check me out. Craving strawberry jam, swapping poetry books, laughing with cute boy with moustache.
Hope your week was lovely x

Monday, February 22, 2010


A short film for Oxfams 3things project by Tropfest New York 2008 winners Jason van Genderen and Shane Emmett. Filmed in downtown Sydney.
(edit) just had to share their winning 2008 short film too. Shot entirely by mobile phone in Sydney & New York. Made me take a deep breath.

Compulsive Knitting

Compulsive Knitting by Daniela Edburg.
For me it began to be a form of occupational therapy, even without knowing what I was doing. I started knitting long strips of fluffy pink material, and after a while I realized it was perfect to put together a brain, and a nice new fluffy brain was exactly what I needed at the moment..
Whenever I see a person knitting I can’t help being drawn to them—it’s hypnotic. I silently analyze the texture of the yarn, the choice of colors, I imagine the sweater or the scarf already finished, how it feels to the touch, how it will look when its been worn for years. It makes me nostalgic even, reminds me of the passing of time.
Interesting interview here.
Thanks Joe!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


I just came across Antler, a digital magizine promoting creativity and beauty in all aspects of life. It's pretty.

I have a thing with antlers at the moment. As you know. Here are some other pretty things with antlers.
Deer Rubber Stamp ...... Oh Deer Brooch

You can read the magazine here.

this ship of gnomes

my week in pictures

My first fresh raspberries. Like having lollies for breakfast.
My friends boyfriends red shoes at her gig in the city.
Blowing bubbles from the garden wall.

My favourite bento lunchbox was nicked from my bicycle basket. Basteerds.
Firemen at 4am, wrapping duct tape over the house alarm that wouldn'
Oops I've done it again. Been too busy all week to post, and now I have several things to say-at-once.. I'll try to space it out!
Hope your week was awesome x

Monday, February 15, 2010

ballerina monster

Remember when I was pondering a ballerina monster? Well here she is. I think she's a bit cute, really.

She's hanging out in my shop, along with

some lovely gift certificates I made. The text on them reads;
Oh my you lucky thing, you have in your lovely hand a gift certificate for the Pepper Stitches store. Go have a look, at what you can get, go on! and don’t forget you can use this to purchase custom orders too.

I like. I hope you like too.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pancakes are Delicious Part II

when will it end?

news with nipples

My favourite blog of the moment, news with nipples is an interesting, biting and often hilarious blog that looks at how women are portrayed in current media (particularly newspapers and online news) by a journalist who's not afraid to swear a bit. A fair bit.
It makes me sit up and notice the blatant bias and quite un-feministic (is that a word? as in un-equal) view in articles that I would have otherwise passed by as a matter of course. I don't take as a given everything she says, but her opinions sure are a bit of fresh air, and sure do make me consider mine.

I do recommend. Try not to snort tea out of your nose when laughing though. That hurts.

fence love

On my way to the shops to buy chocolate the other day, down by the railway tracks, I saw this work on a fence. I did stare at it for a moment and think 'You'? but realised that from the train side, it reads 'Joy'. It made me wonder at the reactions of people sitting on the train when the word 'Joy' flashed by their window.

I do like random fence art. Almost as much as I like guerrilla knitting. Then I found outdoorknits flickr set called 'Beautifying Fences'. How lovely. I especially like this one.

And this one too.

Show us the fence love.

Lovel-ly day

Did you know that I have not blogged for a whole WEEK! Oh my. And now I have so many things I'd like to tell you, and lovely photos too, but if I tell it all at once your lovely reading list will be clogged.up.

But you know what? I may have to do it anyway. Sorry.


I almost forgot today was the great V-day. I have been in two minds, one said ignore it and carry on your merry way. One said Oh! but what a wondrous occasion to watch Johnny Depp movies and eat an awful lot of ice cream! In the end I am pottering around the house, listening to my favourite tunes and thinking of all the people I love. And all the people who love me. Also clearing out my drawers and hoping it doesn't rain on my laundry. That too.

Oh V-day. What a love/hate relationship we have. I love love, but you take it from sweet holding hands to a full-on pash with garlic breath, beard rash and too much saliva. I like being alone, but I hate to be lonely, and you have a way of cramming red roses and various plastic crap down our throats. Cardboard cut outs of hearts and cheesy songs. Overkill, yes? That said, everyone secretly wishes for something horrifically romantic to happen. Or moderately romantic. Or at least original and heart-felt slightly romantic.

Whatever you're doing today, I hope you have a love-ly day, with sincere sentiments and holding hands. And I hope it doesn't rain on your laundry either.

x Pepper

Saturday, February 6, 2010

in the studio

big mix tape cushion
piles of fabric. Not-so-neat.
Eskimo's with embroidered faces
Old pillowcases in squares to be made into a picnic blanket quilt
Custom order 'say it' cushion
Sleepy cats
It's raining and the perfect weather for stitching and listening to music and drinking tea. Not-so-good for taking photos, but I did anyway.

(I'm going to call the half of my bedroom stuffed with sewing supplies and workspaces my studio, m-kay? It sounds more grown-up, and frankly more exciting than 'in the little space at the end of my bed'.)
Forecast for tomorrow- thunderstorms. Excellent.

have you seen

this huge kitting installation? Holy Dooley look at those knitting needles.

A project for The Nature Conservency made with wool from an organic flock of Panama sheep from Lava lake Ranch, Idaho, it was created by Christien Meindertsma. See more, and her other work, here.