Sunday, December 30, 2012

the year that was 2012 (in which I try to condense my year into hellos, goodbyes, celebrations, journeys and lessons learnt.)



:: hello to
 2 bedroom changes
 2 new businesses
 4 new housemates
 2 ducks and 3 chickens
 6 new friends
 1 new love 
 his 3 beautiful children 
 1 Bachelor of Visual Arts

:: goodbye to
 1 lovely cat Gigersquee
 1 wonderful relationship
 1 job quit
 4 old housemates
 6cm of hair chopped off on a whim 

:: celebrated
1 2012 cardboard tube fighting league champion crown. true story.
7 birthday parties
2 music concerts
2 art exhibition contributions 
 lots of dinner parties

:: journeyed
1 family trip to ikea
5 ace camping trips
6 long train trips
4 flights
1 long bus trip
1 car trip to the snow!
5 picnics
2 trips to museum and art gallery

:: learned
 how to play a lot of poker
 sometimes quitting is actually the best thing
 how to sew an adjustable duck nappy
 how to play 5 songs on the ukulele
 Dr Who is awesome  
 beans and corn grow really well together
 how to talk about postmodernism
 donuts are easier to make then you'd think
 move your hips away from the turn when skiing
 lots about running a business
 letting go of something great is really really hard, even if it's for the right reasons

I hope you had a wonderful year too, and Happy New Year for 2013!