Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010- a list

I arrived on the late train and we went late-night Christmas shopping and we hit a bunny and a fox on the way home. I know.

My sister made up my bed all cute with a little owl and vintage sheets.

We went to the Storytree, that's my cute niece Elsa.
We played on the trampoline and swings and mum was hit in the eye with a tennis ball.
Christmas lunch was delicious, and delicious, and yum.
We told each other jokes and laughed a lot
It rained a lot too.
We had breakfast involving pancakes and bacon and syrup. Twice.
My sister makes really good cake. Christmas Cake. Brandy Christmas Cake. With icing.
We played video games and that new one that uses your body as the controller.
And regular board games too.
Some people drank margaritas. Some people drank bourbon. Some people drank juice.
We listened to Flight of the Conchords and some people did the robot dance.
We drove around and looked at the Christmas lights
and had a family trip to Ikea
and also Sizzler.
We almost got stuck when it rained so much the roads were closed
but we weren't.
At my twin sisters place we watched Sherlock Holmes and ate popcorn
and she made me the most gosh darn delicious baked potato I've ever had.
My big sister picked me up and we spent the next night playing cards, doing our nails
and watching old episodes of Friends.
In the morning I got the train and my other sister picked me up
and we went op-shopping.
I bought this crocheted blanket (which I love), an antique globe
and a salt and pepper shaker shaped like a mouse.
Then my mum and I drove to the property and in the morning I had billy tea.

Now I am home. Phew.
I feel a bit like Dorothy. I've been looking for something and just realised I had it all along.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Hooray! Christmas!

I hope everyone is busy with friends and family and eating too much. I know I am. Hope your Christmas/Holidays are just awesome, see you soon!

Monday, December 20, 2010

folk man doll

Remember these doll clothes? I finally got around to sewing up some dolls to wear them, but it took a few tries. I was afraid for a bit I would stuck in a never-ending cycle of sewing dolls and clothes and clothes and dolls that would never quite fit each other. With a bit of alteration on the overalls, I managed to make them fit the second doll I made, with a smaller plaid shirt. But because it was a prototype (and I'm lazy) I left the blue thread on the machine when I made the doll, and you can see it. Darn Blast Silly Me.
I've wanted to make a folk man doll for a while. I think the next one will be a little smaller, with long sleeves and a brown beard (and white thread). Maybe a beanie.
What do you think a hipster-folk man doll would have?

good things are happening

Bad things are always happening. There will always be something not-so-great. But there are always good things happening too. Don't worry about the bad so much that you let the good things pass you by.

Believe in goodness, and that is what you will remember.

Friday, December 17, 2010

new stockist- flying penguin

Pepper Stitches can now be found at the ace store, Flying Penguin, a store with ace environmentally friendly and educational toys in Newtown, Sydney. Hooray!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Perfect Life

I like this post from Pip, and saw Katie Crackernuts having a go too, so here is mine. Do play along if you like.

I have had four cups of tea.
My hair isn't long enough for a ponytail, but not short enough to leave alone.
We aren't having Christmas presents this year, because we're saving for a trip.
I need to plant some zucchini seedlings,
And clean my studio, perhaps
I have to finish some embroidered monster tattoos
There are things where they are not meant to be
But they are nice things
I mustn't forget to feed the chickens and pigs

Before I go to the neighbours for tea.
There isn't any laneways near here, and noone is fighting
although lots of people I know are breaking up
and that's sad.
My bed is not made
but I have done the dishes
I am listening to Mumford and Sons
and wondering if I ought to have a salad for lunch, or bruchetta

and if it will rain today, or just stay cloudy
I don't know what angel chimes are either
I have paint under my fingernails
There are library books all over the table
We have lots of chickens
But no vintage wallpaper
I really like both of those things
I do have a typewriter for letters, and three cats
and a roof over my head, check.
I have sore eyes and itchy bites, but I don't really mind
I really really like Japanese food too

I wonder what I will be doing for New Years Eve this year
I would like some fancy gumboots
that would be nice
and also a house in Brisbane with a verandah and a garden
I always forget I have a mug of tea and let half go cold
And my phone doesn't get reception out here

I miss talking to my sister
It's Christmas in 9 days
Sometimes I wonder what I'm doing
but then I forget to worry, and do something anyway
I am looking forward to seeing my family next week
but worried about learning magic tricks for the family concert
in case they don't work.
I am going to read the new Frankie on the train

and write in my journal
Now I'm finished my list.

Your turn.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

blog love- delightfully tacky

Adventures? Check. Bit of vintage and lots of style? Check. Hours of browsing and smiling possibilities? Check.

If you like the sound of faux-wood fridges, sweet dressing up and a lasses adventures in a caravan named 'Brave', then do go have a look. Do.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

etsy- farm love

I haven't made many treasuries, they sure are fun (and a brilliant way to spend a whole morning..oops) This is my treasury of farm love. See it here.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

my week in pictures

Pie. Chicken and vegetable pie. I love pie.

My Christmas tree, isn't it pretty! See there is the twig crayon my friend gave me, and the little music parcels I made last year, and that little lace heart is new. I like using ornaments given to me. In the absence of family Christmas traditions (we didn't celebrate growing up) I am starting to realise my own, and it's nice, isn't it?
I've printed out lots of photos of friends and family, and hung them above my computer. They make me smile and remind me of all the fun we've had, and that I'm loved.

Lots of rain. Lots. The ducks and the vege gardens and the frogs say YAY!

Hello local library, it's nice to meet you. You are nice and quiet and air-conditioned on hot hot days and have beanbags and books I have never read. Let's be friends.

The boldest cat has turned into a scaredy-cat and this is where she has hidden all week. Juniper you sook.

Homemade jam and pickles at the bush markets. I had a cup of tea and a cupcake for 2 dollars, and entered the community christmas raffle. Fingers crossed for a Lions Cake.
Thanks for your kind words, I'm still feeling sucky but it's sure nice to have friends like you x

Thursday, December 9, 2010

my creative space

I've made some Christmas cards, watercolours printed on cardstock, with matching envelopes and all. Although I kinda missed the Christmas card timing while everything was upside down. Oops. (the inside of the top card reads; (Good Luck Dave) Merry Christmas. and the bottom one reads; ho ho ho) These are my first cards and I was a bit chuffed they turned out nice.

a finished custom team mascot watercolour. Go the Tigers!

wrapping orders

new pink foxes

yellow fish waiting for their embroidered eyes
I've also been looking through old craft books and magazines for new ideas, and considering collecting salt and pepper shakers. They're so darn cute.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

it's only been a week

So far I have eaten several parts of animals (and one whole one) off spits, shot at a can with an air rifle (I hit it), neglected to shower on at least one occasion, have talked about rugby, worn flannelette and ugg boots at the same time, commented repeatedly on the weather, have drunken beer and bourbon, been knocked off my feet by a pig, and dropped a sledgehammer on my foot and swore like a trooper.
It's only been a week and I've had a bit of bogan in me all along.
In honour of bogans here

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Boy and I broke up last week, but life doesn't give much of a toss about your heart. It blithely goes on, regardless of the state of your insides. I still wake up in the morning, there is still laundry to do, emails to answer, cats to feed, projects to start. The sun comes up and goes down, and it's getting easier to breathe.

Friends invited me to stay with them in the country, and here I am. Each day I 'm surrounded by new scenery, with new sounds and new smells. It feels a little surreal, as it all happened so quickly, and I'm still very sad, but it's nice to be somewhere else.

I'll give you a tour soon x