Monday, May 31, 2010

shop update- quilts

This lovely soft quilt measures 220cm x 180cm, big enough to fit lots of friends, and is from upcycled pillow slips in blue, white and cream. It features original embroidered slips (just like the one's at Nanna's place) and a checkered back.While made to be a picnic blanket, it would also make a lovely bedspread or light quilt.
*note that as this item is made from upcycled materials, some light stains are visible, but are hardly noticable unless you're looking for them.

This baby quilt measures 100cm x 115cm and is made from upcycled bedding covers in lovely pastel spring colours and a butterfly print. It's perfect for baby to lie on and play on in the park, or to use as a bedspread or light baby or toddler quilt.

*note that this item is reduced due to some not-quite-perfect stitching. This is aesthetic only and the quilt is still lovely and functional and will wear as normal.
These quilts are made from some of this catch. They are simple but sweet (nothing like this quilt). In my shop now.



I feel a little in limbo lately. My work and financial situation feels precarious, this darn cold is keeping me close to bed, the rain is keeping everyone indoors. I want to change what I do, I'm meeting new people, it's nearly half way through the year (already!) and I have that familiar 'what happened? what's going on now?' feeling. Like I am between stages, like something is going to happen. I just don't know what. Or when.

My horoscope (I'm not an astrology fanatic, but I do like to read mine every morning and go 'woo!' if it's good and ignore it if it's bad) last week said I should remember what it felt to do something spontaneous, 'cause it may happen again soon. I'll let you know.


(When feeling strange, it is nice to take out all my fabric, fold it up neatly and put it back by colour. It makes me happy. Simple and oh-so-satisfying to make some order out of pretty things.)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kitty Bud Fabric

Kitty Bud Fabric by Melinda Josie. Isn't it precious! Just like the rosebud fabric I had when I was little, but like a bazillion times cuter. Found via my love for you is a stampede of horses blog. (Cute name, huh?)
She does amazing paintings too. You can see her portfolio here and she has some for sale here.

Like A Bear Knitting
Watercolour, Ink & Gouache
12" x 14" (framed)

Milo and Bruno
Watercolour & Gouache
8" x 10"
Sleepy Pon
Watercolour, Ink & Gouache
11" x 13" (framed)

Meanwhile I am feeling like Sleepy Pon there and trying to gather motivation to go to my studio. This cold just won't.go.away. I am blowing my nose and coughing and sniffling like a mad thing; I'd rather lie in bed and watch re-runs and drink tea. *sigh*.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

snowglobe pincushions

(Please excuse my grubby fingers.)

A while ago I bought some tiny horses and deer from this shop, and this week I turned them into snowglobe pincushions. Because they ought to go together, don't you think? I think they need a shorter name (snow cushion? globe pin?) and I'm still working out the best way to make them, I think my glitter is a little clumpy from the glycerine, and the sealer kinda smudged the glass a bit. I like prototypes though, it's a bit exciting to try new things. I can show you how to make them if you like.
Do you have prototypes? What do you do with them? I'm collecting a bit of a drawer of first-go's and 'oopsies' (or @#%$, depending on the case). I was thinking of using them for a toy drop, but it feels a bit rude to use something I wouldn't sell. And there's a limit to how many I can give to family and friends. Really. Maybe I will chop them up?
Do you remember this prototype? Well I have some real-darn deer to show you, with antlers and everything but I left my camera at a party on the weekend, so I can't. It was a good party.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Saturday, May 22, 2010

brown owls @ the pub

On Wednesday night (I know it's Saturday. I um forgot I had photos to post) we had a lovely Brown Owls gathering, knitting and embroidering and chatting away, meeting new owls and owls from different places, and learning new things. Beer was had, wedges were shared and the turnout was so big we took over an entire section of the pub. (Please excuse the photos which are dark and blurry, due to blown lighting we were sitting in 'mood lighting', which made for a bit of squinty eyes, a few missed stitches and not-so-good photos.)
We chatted about having a meeting at the premises of ArtSparks, an art & sewing school for kids that has facilities including big tables and a bank of sewing machines! We chatted about work and babies and projects and admired one another's handiwork. I learnt about circular knitting needles and that yarns are made from twisted together strands called plies, which is why the more plies in a wool the thicker. Ah-huh. Also wool comes in skeins, not just floss. Also how to pronounce skeins (like 'veins' not 'vines'). I started a white soft scarf (because I still can only knit in straight lines). Plus I arranged to adopt Amy's market umbrella for my upcoming markets. It's all coming together..
Much fun for Brown Owls! Yay!

Friday, May 21, 2010


A film by
Julia Potts via The Ever Dazzling

Julia also has lovely prints of her illustrations in her shop. Very lovely.


there's my VW embroidery pattern stitched by the lovely Cathy from Chunky Chooky, featured on the Feeling Stitchy blog!

there's my Winter Fox featured on Kid Independent!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

tonight, we knit


Tonight I am knitting with Brown Owls. In the interest of research (and to stop myself looking at the clock quite-so-much) here are some knitting-related badges and magnets.
(Procrastinate? me? noooooo..)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Love Combating Fear

Did you know that today is the International Day against Homophobia? It is held each year on May 17 marking the World Health Organization’s removal of homosexuality from its list of mental disorders in 1990. Isn't it amazing that homosexuality was considered a mental disorder in 1990! While we were watching Growing Pains and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, gay men and women were diagnosed with mental disorders for liking someone.

A friend's partner is showing work at the (free) IDAHO Exhibition in Sydney, at Kudos Gallery, Paddington 18 - 29 May 2010. One of the main goals of this years exhibition is to promote the message 'Love Combating Fear'. Every decision a human makes is either based on Love or Fear. The exhibition aims to promote a message of Love to combat homophobia and the negative consequences it has. His photography is amazing, and I'm looking forward to seeing all of the work, and showing my support for the inclusion and total acceptance of homosexuals in society. I don't really give a toss who people are attracted to, and I certainly don't think anyone should be discriminated against in any way because of it.
For more information, visit the website. You can download posters, add a button to your blog, and read more about it.

this week/ last week

Last week I
- had a cold
- found some books in a lane way

- stuffed plush raindrops
- received an invitation to my high school reunion
- watched Avatar
- rearranged the studio

- cooked yummy soup
- dreamt of camping and crocodiles
- made a snow globe pincushion
- was cranky at work

- ate peanut butter ice cream

This week I am
- still coughing
- looking forward to knitting at Brown Owls
- watching Robin Hood at the movies
- have a pimple on my chin. Arrgh!
- working on new cushions
- making new blog friends
- wondering about my job
- looking forward to the forecasted rain
- hoping your week is lovely

Saturday, May 15, 2010

this weeks blog love

Sophie's blog Shine a little light* is lovely. She practices thankfulness, something I am working on. It has thoughts, so many pretty things, photography, food, friends and bicycles!

You can also see lots of pictures from her recent and very pretty wedding, with lego people on the wedding cake! And you can also find out why her husband didn't wear underwear for a month. I bet you're intrigued. It's not what you think. (what are you thinking?)

Sophie is lovely too. It was her birthday recently. She also likes tea, like me. Don't take my word for it. Go and have a look, do.

yay for clouds!

I've been sewing, I have, but waiting for that elusive photo weather, bright but cloudy when I can get the pictures I like. This morning when I was sipping my third cup of tea and sitting at my desk, I looked up and realised that the light was nice. Nice indeed, so I pulled out the new foxes, and giraffes, and rattles, and balanced in the garden bed taking photos (and possibly flashing my undies to the passers-by) until the darn clouds moved away and the sun shone too brightly. My fabric tags arrived, do you see them on the foxes? Aren't they swell? So now (hurrah!) I can show you and update my shop, too.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Playgrounds from the 70's & 80's

I remember growing up near a park with a rocket like this, and horses too. Mine was called 'Red Indian' and my sisters was called 'Sunshine'. Yep.

I've been working (read: working hard and then periodically looking at random websites to 'rest my brain') and I came across these playgrounds from the 70's. Do you remember these?
They were AWESOME! Dangerous, exciting, interesting things full of angles and metal bars and moving parts with no guards. Awesome. Not sure if I'd like MY kids playing on them, but gee they were fun.
(images via and via)