Saturday, May 8, 2010

my week in pictures

We had a house BBQ to welcome our new housemates. They are awesome. I made party bunting and candle holders from jars and wire. We stayed up Very. Late. Indeed.

I found random mosaics on the way home.

Played Stratego with the Boy. Lost. Several times...

Foxes. Pretty bright foxes with lovely tails. (blogger? sideways pictures again? why?)

I saw a possum

The lovely necklace from this giveaway arrived (isn't it pretty)!

Also bleached hair on impulse. Kindaaa turned out pineapple. I hope I'm a cute pineapple.


  1. dear ms. cute pineapple (for sure),
    love the mosiac & necklace
    & it sounds like the
    mosiac of the whole eve was lovely!
    happy weekend now to you!x

  2. What a nice week! And how funny - we have the same necklace! But I got mine from this lovely lady:
    It has green beads up the side, so it's a bit different. But oh so cute!

    Hope this week is lovely for you!

  3. You are definatly a cute pineapple. Def. Lovely week! *s*

  4. luv the hair, but then I would luv anything on you!