Friday, April 30, 2010

Georgie Love’s Gorgeous Giveaway

I would like to say that I’m sharing this with you out of the kindness of my heart. Because I want you, too, to have a chance to win something beautiful from Velveteen Design. But this time, I just want another chance to win it for myself. Sorry.

(Do have a look though. Go here to see the loveliness, and here to enter. Don’t let me stop you)
EDIT: Oh.My.Goodness! actually won! Woot! Now which one? *quizzical frown and grin* Thanks Georgie Love & Velveteen Designs! You rock!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

hey look

there's my cushion in a treasury!

Thanks Ukelele!

Like a Tupperware Party


Sometimes I find it tricky to get nice fabric. I DO live in the city, but I do not have a car. I DO shop online, but I like to sometimes see it in person. Don’t you think it would be an ace idea to have Fabric Parties?

Think like a Tupperware party, at a friend’s house, a venue, or even a park. All the crafty gals (Brown Owls, anyone?) gather and someone brings samples of lots of fabric loveliness. We can ooh over designs up close, bring our projects to match fabrics, deliberate over weaves. We place orders. We pay. The awesome someone then goes home, cuts up our orders and delivers them, either to the next meeting, or to our house.

All those that have trouble finding lovely fabrics (I know some people just fall into them!), or don’t have time to shop, don’t like giant corporate fabric stores, can’t get to them, or just like to ooh and aah in good company.

Wouldn’t that be swell? Well? Where are you, someone?

Monday, April 26, 2010


I have been awol for a little while, sorry. My work cut my hours back unexpectedly, and I have been a bit of a stress pot, filling my head with numbers, budgets, alternative work options. After initial freakin’ out, slight bitterness and a lot of tea, I have decided that it is a good thing. I will get to work with kids again. I’ve missed them. I will have more time to sew, and focus on getting stock for my first markets, and filling the shop. People live off this kind of thing, right?

Remember when I made more space for sewing, because I decided to take it a bit more seriously? Well I’ve taken that to a whole new level. I’ve dismantled my big bed and stored it in the shed, and bought a single loft bed on ebay. I sleep up high which is a bit like school camps combined with sharing bunk beds with my sister. And if Boy comes over, we’ll share the spare mattress on the floor. But oh the space! The space!

I have a sewing table, an ironing table, a big table just.for.working.on. Lots of room for cutting out. Lots of room for matching fabrics. Big tubs with works-in-progress. Accessible bookshelf with source and craft books (and kids dvds. Of course.) With the possibility of TWO sewing days, it’s time to get serious, people. I do not want another full-time job. I want to do what I LIKE. So far that has meant..

Starting more cloud mobiles with raindrops, new teddy bears from oh-so-soft woolen blankets. Embroidered drawings on vintage fabric cushions. (In my shop now.) Also ideas for a new custom order for a baby boy, cutting out more cushion covers from sweaters and drawing for a Pepper Stitches range of cards. This is exciting indeed.

I can tighten my belt again (remember way back when?) and I still have work at work, just less. Which gives me more.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Follower- Chicuff by Daneve

I cannot quite believe I have over 100 followers. 111 to be exact. It's quite lovely to imagine so many peeps looking at my pictures and sipping tea (you DO all drink tea, don't you? I will imagine so.)

I want to know more about all of you, as well as share your delightfullness and craftiness with everyone as a way to show my appreciation and say thanks!

And so *drum roll* I introduce my Friday Follower! (I borrowed this awesome idea from Thea and Sami, a textile designer- do go say hi!) For my first follower, I've picked out Daneve- we've only just met, but I like her already.

Daneve has a lovely blog called Chicuff. Her design message is simple: 'Don't discard it...have fun & be CREATIVE!' Chicuff designs are unique, wearable art transformed from rescued and recycled Environmental "Green" bags. Each piece is individual with a unique past, present & future story of its own.'

(taken and amended from Chicuff by Daneve)

I especially love these door brooches, part of her 'knock knock' series.

And these recyled envelopes from sheet music..

You can find these (and other lovely things) in the Chicuff etsy store and Chicuff Made it store .
Daneve has also started a Op-Shop Challenge coinciding with the start of her other blog, Brissy Op Shops! If you live in Brisbane, I do recommend having a look. Actually even if you don't. Go have a look.
Nice to meet you Daneve!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

my creative space

Babushka doll rattles from lovely Japanense fabric. Waiting for their faces to be attached!
A baby blue bunny

And a prototype for a deer. A bit wonky, and a bit like a camel? Or is it just me? Maybe the antlers will help.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

mmm... shopping online...

From a new-found online store, the lovely SuperBuzzy, a Japanese fabric & supplies store. Aren't they lovely *rubs hand together*. All on sale too! (and came with two Japanese sweets!)

Miniature cuties from tiny things are cute. Yes, yes they are.

Some other places to find sweet buys/ waste time/ spend money..
Texere Yarns (UK) yarns, crocheting, supplies, patterns
The Paper Place (USA) paper. loads and loads of paper.

I don't know many good online places, generally stumbling across them by accident. Do you know any good ones? Do share. I'd love to have a look.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

neighbourhood medical alert


This is Six. Six lives on Gilpin St, and is allergic to fish. (Honestly. It’s hilarious). Eating fish has no immediate symptoms, but continuous exposure leads to side effects and health complications.

Unfortunately, being a cat, Six loves fish. Can’t get enough. And despite a ban on fish, and glad-wrap on the fish bowl (to protect the cat, not the fish); Six is showing some allergy symptoms. She’s getting her hits somewhere, but Lordy knows where.

Please keep an eye out for Six, and if you feed your cats outdoors or give your puppy leftovers be aware that’s she may be lurking in the shadows waiting for a fix. Help her give up the habit, for her own sake. Thank you!
(I'm going to post it around the neighbourhood. Here's hoping she gets better!)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

my week in pictures

amazing brekky with beautiful friend. Hotcakes AND bacon!

Went for a walk and found this random sign. I laughed.

Lawn bowls. White dress code.

Holding a baby girl named Billy. 9 weeks old, held her for almost 2 hours. Bliss.
Watching James Bond movies with the Boy

Tea and Asterix & Obelix waiting to go out for Indian. It was delicious.

Graffitti on the way home.

Felt graffitti girl (detail from above)

And it's Sunday already. Sunday! And an abruptly short weekend after last weekend's 4 days of last week's 4 days of chillaxin'. Darn.

Happy week everyone x

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

my creative space

Some new cushion covers made from recycled sweaters.. mmm.. soft mountains...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I like to draw what I eat

It's more interesting than writing a 'food diary' (boooring) and makes me remember everything I eat in the day. I can see at a glance a good day (satisfied feeling) and a not-so-good day (oops-that-last-biscuit-was-probably-too-much feeling). Plus I get to colour in.

Dawn from handmade love likes to paint what she eats. Her pictures are much prettier than mine. I like them very much. I just saw that she is making an art book with pictures of everything she eats. She is swell.

It is the beginning of April and in a bid to reduce some of the extra squishiness from this week I am taking more notice of what I eat. I will draw everything I eat this week not on scraps of paper but in a big book. And this month. It's amazing how it helps, I can't help but turn down something becuase it won't look good in my picture. I will show you, and that will help too, I will want to look oh-so-healthy and nutritious to you guys.
No peanut butter straight from the jar over here, nuh-uh.