Thursday, April 29, 2010

Like a Tupperware Party


Sometimes I find it tricky to get nice fabric. I DO live in the city, but I do not have a car. I DO shop online, but I like to sometimes see it in person. Don’t you think it would be an ace idea to have Fabric Parties?

Think like a Tupperware party, at a friend’s house, a venue, or even a park. All the crafty gals (Brown Owls, anyone?) gather and someone brings samples of lots of fabric loveliness. We can ooh over designs up close, bring our projects to match fabrics, deliberate over weaves. We place orders. We pay. The awesome someone then goes home, cuts up our orders and delivers them, either to the next meeting, or to our house.

All those that have trouble finding lovely fabrics (I know some people just fall into them!), or don’t have time to shop, don’t like giant corporate fabric stores, can’t get to them, or just like to ooh and aah in good company.

Wouldn’t that be swell? Well? Where are you, someone?


  1. Amy was talking about doing this at the Brown Owls meeting I went to in Newtown a little while back. I like the idea!

  2. I may just be that magic someone?!? I've got a big weekend taking many new fabrics to Kinokuniya and I'll be bringing bolts. But after that maybe we should arrange a night?!

  3. oh wouldn;t that be just a dream! let me know when you find that someone!!