Tuesday, April 13, 2010

neighbourhood medical alert


This is Six. Six lives on Gilpin St, and is allergic to fish. (Honestly. It’s hilarious). Eating fish has no immediate symptoms, but continuous exposure leads to side effects and health complications.

Unfortunately, being a cat, Six loves fish. Can’t get enough. And despite a ban on fish, and glad-wrap on the fish bowl (to protect the cat, not the fish); Six is showing some allergy symptoms. She’s getting her hits somewhere, but Lordy knows where.

Please keep an eye out for Six, and if you feed your cats outdoors or give your puppy leftovers be aware that’s she may be lurking in the shadows waiting for a fix. Help her give up the habit, for her own sake. Thank you!
(I'm going to post it around the neighbourhood. Here's hoping she gets better!)


  1. cute, I'm glad I dont have this particular problem with my cats, although I wish I had the guts to post something similar round my streets! I think it would be the final straw for my neighbours somehow :)