Tuesday, April 9, 2013

adventure chicken like to adventure

Walk into the kitchen for a snack. Oh, there's a chicken. 
Working on the computer, turn around and there in the middle of the office, standing quietly and watching. A chicken. What's this? Nesting inconspicuously in the dining room? That.darn.chicken.

Not content with a big yard, the chickens like to escape every now and then, and usually hang around pretty close. But this hen, noooo. She's climbing the stairs, peering around doorways, jumping on beds, going next door, walking up the street, generally having a good look around.  Then she decided that the cushion on the soft couch downstairs was an EXCELLENT place to start laying eggs (and taught the other two).  Why? WHY? What kind of heated carpeted pillowed chook house did she come from? Does she want to be a human? Or just comfortable? Or is adventure chicken just a pleasure-loving opportunist with a species identity crises?

Nothing quite like sitting down and discovering a clutch of eggs next to you. Or standing on chicken doo-doo before your first cup of tea for the day. Or explaining to guests that no she's not actually allowed in the house. Vigorous fence patrols and strengthening and the chickens are laying in their perfectly adequate nesting boxes again, and sleeping in their handmade weather-proof coop. 

ps. she ended up being called 'Adventure Chicken'. 'Ninja Chicken' is good at jumping and has black feathers, and the other chicken has no such impressionable qualities and is just called 'Other Chicken'.

Friday, January 11, 2013

you chose wrong


Dardestly endings from 'choose your own adventure' books on this website. I loved these as a kid, and when I first saw this site I was all like 'oooooh'.. I liked flipping through pages, and seeing all of those alternate possibilities. I liked choosing how the story unfolded. I liked how darn gory the endings were.

But then I started thinking, and now that I'm all grown up it's terrifying that it happens in real life. Okay perhaps not quite as gruesomely or dramatically, and with fewer aliens.. but we choose our own adventures everyday, and we can't flip ahead, or flip back to where we were. 

I've been making big choices lately, not my usual 'what flavor chips will go best with this movie?' kind of decisions, but some big relationship-ending, do-I-move-hundreds-of-kilometres-away, alter-the-course-of-your-life kinda ones. But I don't have a crystal ball or a book to look ahead, and I can't help but wonder, 

How do you know if you chose wrong?

Sunday, December 30, 2012

the year that was 2012 (in which I try to condense my year into hellos, goodbyes, celebrations, journeys and lessons learnt.)



:: hello to
 2 bedroom changes
 2 new businesses
 4 new housemates
 2 ducks and 3 chickens
 6 new friends
 1 new love 
 his 3 beautiful children 
 1 Bachelor of Visual Arts

:: goodbye to
 1 lovely cat Gigersquee
 1 wonderful relationship
 1 job quit
 4 old housemates
 6cm of hair chopped off on a whim 

:: celebrated
1 2012 cardboard tube fighting league champion crown. true story.
7 birthday parties
2 music concerts
2 art exhibition contributions 
 lots of dinner parties

:: journeyed
1 family trip to ikea
5 ace camping trips
6 long train trips
4 flights
1 long bus trip
1 car trip to the snow!
5 picnics
2 trips to museum and art gallery

:: learned
 how to play a lot of poker
 sometimes quitting is actually the best thing
 how to sew an adjustable duck nappy
 how to play 5 songs on the ukulele
 Dr Who is awesome  
 beans and corn grow really well together
 how to talk about postmodernism
 donuts are easier to make then you'd think
 move your hips away from the turn when skiing
 lots about running a business
 letting go of something great is really really hard, even if it's for the right reasons

I hope you had a wonderful year too, and Happy New Year for 2013!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

blog love- beasts of burton

Bear Wireframe by Bret Baker

Cool lookin' pictures of bears. Great bear illustrations, bear mascots, cute bear photos. That's it really. Do you need more? 
Have a looksy here.

Thanks Mikey, you rock my blog world.

Monday, June 25, 2012

:: Quotation


People always think that happiness is a faraway thing,” thought Francie, “something complicated and hard to get. Yet, what little things can make it up; a place of shelter when it rains - a cup of strong hot coffee when you’re blue; for a man, a cigarette for contentment; a book to read when you’re alone - just to be with someone you love. Those things make happiness.

— Betty Smith (A Tree Grows in Brooklyn)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

my week in pictures

:: family bbq in the park :: heaps of fresh fruit and veges from the markets (juice. lots of juice) :: Clementine and Gracie :: making a present (dollar store mugs and a porcelain pen) :: train trips :: wearing lots of temp tattoos for new pack releases this week (wishing I could keep the camera):: Six

hope you had a lovely week too!

Friday, June 22, 2012


(teeny bit crustier than necessary. I forgot it was in the oven)

I made some bread with Rolley a few weeks ago and loved it so much I bought a paper sack of bakers flour, borrowed a recipe book from the library and haven't stopped. I love the mixing, the kneading, the anticipation as you wait for the dough to rise, the yeasty smell, the baking, the warm smell of fresh bread all through the house, and Oh! right out of the oven with butter and perhaps a little honey. I even like finding bits of flour and dried dough in unexpected places (elbow, anyone?)

Ok, honestly sometimes kneading can get a bit tedious, then I try to get all zen and meditative, or just channel any frustrations. Also I have a slight wheat intolerance. But with lots of friends around a loaf rarely lasts overnight, and it's just not enough to stop me.
So far I have made Indian naan bread (little bit too thick), banana loaf (teeny bit burnt), pizza bases (accidentally made enough dough for 8 bases), tuscan bread (wee bit sunk), baguettes (boomerang shaped to fit on the oven tray), cob loaves (hollowed out and filled with cheese and spinach dip for family bbq) and apricot walnut loaf (slightly crustier than anticipated. I forgot it was in the oven.) And they were all delicious!

I'd also like to try ciabatta, bagels, pretzels, cinnamon scrolls, gingerbread, apple bread, rye bread, sourdough bread, bread pudding, focaccia and mixed grain spelt bread. 
Let's see how I feel about it then.

Have you baked bread? What's your favourite?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

beginnings are such fragile things

Beginnings are such fragile things. They hold a touch of the end in them, I think. Full of promise and expectation you cannot help but peer at the the paths ahead, imagine where they may take you, where you hope it will, and what you risk if it does not. It is this fragile sense of hope tampered with risk and mixed with plans that make up a beginning, soft and not fully formed. I hold beginnings carefully in my hands and keep them safe, treading lightly, wanting to turn over a new leaf, pull my socks up, put my best foot forward. 

If treated too roughly, beginnings can show signs of should-have-done-it-this-way. They can be tainted with should-have-done-it-better, or completely dissolve into puddles of could-have-been. If we don't pay attention and learn no lessons we find ourselves with the worst case; never-should-have. Beginnings are such fragile things.

At some unknown point, you look down and see what once was fragile and delicate has hardened and become the utilitarian everyday.  And everything you thought and dreamt and imagined at the beginning, all the action and tasks, all the words and gestures and touch, have become habit. And you hope they are good ones, because it's hard to change now.
I am holding a few beginnings now. A new relationship with my best friend who lives far away. A new business growing every day. A new degree in Visual Arts starting in a few weeks. New housemates and friends, and new traditions. A new start with this pretty new blog. I have so many hopes and ideas and love for all of these things.

So I am careful with beginnings.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

yep I moved. again.

 My home - abstract painting landscape oil on canvas by Denitsa Kaneva

 I haven't written a post for ages and ages, months it seems, and I was wondering why. I like blogging, I do, I like sharing with friends and family, I like posting pretty pictures, I like thinking about all the good things in my days; but I was not compelled to write anything at all. Then I realised that I didn't like the name. Not one bit. Nope. 
So I moved over here, and am going to go read up on all my favourite blogs, and get all inspired again. I might post a few retrospective posts with photos, is that terribly naughty? I'm not sure. 
See you soon!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

weeks in pictures- visiting my love and around home

:: picking flowers :: crochet bedspread made by Rolley's Nan :: pretty silver and opal ring he gave to me, isn't it pretty! :: Rolley and his nephew Darcy :: unexpected prettiness on the way home :: delicious easy dinners :: driving in the country :: making bread together

:: family birthday (isn't the cake fantastic!) :: new duck named Gracie :: sister trip to Ikea :: Juniper :: amazing dinners with friends :: nieces birthday (another amazing cake) :: possum visitor :: simple breakfast :: Six :: duck noodle soup (shh don't tell Clementine)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

week in pictures- countryside

I took the train to my friends place in the country, to help out during a difficult time. It was good to see my friends again, enjoy the sunshine and hang out with the animals, but I wish it was not for so sad a reason. My thoughts are with them as they adjust to life after so much grief.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

day in pictures- op-shopping in paddington

I went op-shopping with my friend and I saw...
:: cute sidewalk plantings :: frame displays in lovely shop :: tomato seeds :: the biggest antique store I had ever seen :: delicious brunch :: swell graffiti :: pretty trees

Sunday, May 6, 2012

on an island

I caught a train and then another, then a ferry. We lazed on the beach, played ukulele and had a picnic, but it was too cold to swim. I met his sisters and their husbands and kidlets too, who were all super nice. We made pizza. We did magic tricks. We went for a beautiful walk in the morning and held hands a lot. Then we caught the ferry home again, and I caught a train and he caught a plane. 

Thanks to the couple who chose the lovely island to get married on, and invited the family. Thanks to the family for inviting me over for the day too. I had a lovely time on an island with my squeeze.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

my week in pictures


* paper planes and hugs, looking after nieces and nephews while mum and dad go rock out
*  sending presents in the mail
* new ukulele strings and chess games in the lounge
* Anzac day biscuits which turned out a little funny... but still yum. 
* poker. poker poker poker. we love poker. 
* making yummy breakfasts
* live music in the library with a friend
* making duck enclosure for Clementine

Saturday, April 21, 2012

my week in pictures- visiting Rolley


* beautiful geometric quilt made by Rolleys mum
* we made chai icecream! (well he did. I mostly watched. and then ate) yum!
* chookies on the back stairs
* swims and chips on the beach 
* exploring the botanic gardens. being attacked by ants. having milkshakes.
* playing lego with the kids
* he is knitting me something. something special.
* lovely local creek


Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm very different now

to when I was 18, and better at lots of things.

Cooking. Being semi-responsible. Wearing colours other than black. Typing fast. Not losing socks. Filing important documents. Going to bed early. Telling people I love them. Keeping my hair one colour. Returning phone calls. Sobriety. Not leaving town with barely a word. Sewing. Understanding myself. Growing veges. Paying bills more or less on time. Appreciating people. Enjoying simple things. Making pancakes. Using my words.

But I still:
Avoid clothes shopping. Ignore realities I'd rather not deal with. Get annoyed by my sister. Treat my pets like people. Feel a bit lost sometimes. Keep my teddy bears in a cupboard. Occasionally have breakfast for dinner. Become engrossed in books. Forget to go grocery shopping. Get nervous. Daydream.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

my week in pictures

eating lots of chilli :: new housemates :: cool mornings in the backyard :: reading new books :: going new places :: listening to a lot of Florence :: looking after this not-quite-a-duckling-anymore :: beard concert :: working on new Pepper Ink designs for next week

Hope you had a lovely one too!