Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm very different now

to when I was 18, and better at lots of things.

Cooking. Being semi-responsible. Wearing colours other than black. Typing fast. Not losing socks. Filing important documents. Going to bed early. Telling people I love them. Keeping my hair one colour. Returning phone calls. Sobriety. Not leaving town with barely a word. Sewing. Understanding myself. Growing veges. Paying bills more or less on time. Appreciating people. Enjoying simple things. Making pancakes. Using my words.

But I still:
Avoid clothes shopping. Ignore realities I'd rather not deal with. Get annoyed by my sister. Treat my pets like people. Feel a bit lost sometimes. Keep my teddy bears in a cupboard. Occasionally have breakfast for dinner. Become engrossed in books. Forget to go grocery shopping. Get nervous. Daydream.


  1. This just made me smile from ear to ear (in fact I actually teared up a bit too) My Hubby and I were just talking the other evening about how "young" we feel in our hearts and heads - and how, even though we do grown up "stuff" we often forget how old we really are. I have to plan my Hubby's 40th for next year (I want it to be ever so special since he always spoils me) Your post has really inspired me. Thank you across the miles! XX

  2. can so relate to many of these!


  3. So excited to have re-found your blog! Yayayay! Your tattoos are adorable, such a wonderful idea. So glad you're doing amazing things and are back in my blog-life! xx

  4. you don't loose your socks??!! Holy crap sticks - that makes up for anything else vaguely 18. ps. breakfast for dinner is totally leggit. and errrr pets are people. yes? yes. *s*