Sunday, April 8, 2012

my week in pictures- camping

I went camping with my friend Rolley. So nice to spend time with a friend who lives so far away, text and emails and Skype just aren't the same, are they? and it was his birthday too!

It was such fun! We walked, swam, played dice, ate delicious breakfasts and smokey cheesy jaffles on the fire and burritos and the best. yoghurt. ever. We wandered through the local town, stopping at an antique store, art gallery and craft store with some amazing quilts. There was a nosy goanna, one eyed old possum who tried to run off with the peanut butter, and a one-legged bush turkey (the subject of which made the park ranger a bit shamefaced and quiet..) I picked wildflowers each morning, we lazed around reading on blankets, and talked into the night. I didn't wear a watch and when I found myself wondering about the time, I though 'pfft! time! it doesn't matter!' and that is a nice feeling indeed.

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