Saturday, January 31, 2009

Up totally too late, again, entranced by this chick all over youtube singin funny songs with a beautiful voice and ace ukele skills, wit her friend who rocks a cure song. First linked from blogs (sorry, I've looked at so many today I cannot remember who started it!) then meandered through a musical journey all my own, until I look up bleary eyes and realise its almost 1am. Go on your own journey. may the ukelele be with you.

Meant to blog about other stuff, well meant to do a lot more stuff tonight, but such is the way of the web *sigh*. Youtube is up there with horoscopes, google earth and of course crafty blogs as my biggest time sucking vortexes in front of a computer. Outside of that it'd have to be staring at shelves in supermarkets being indecisive, walking into rooms but forgetting why I'm there, and staring into the distance.

Let me introduce you to my cats.

I have 3, accidentally.
Six, (daughter of my friends cat Seven, who was later tragically killed and buried under the lemon tree next to the chicken coop) is tabby and has 'big bones'.
Six likes:
- to be aloof and nonchalant. She follows me around but pretends not to. As in 'Oh, you're in the shower? I didn't notice. Really, I balance on the edge of the bath and stare into the distance all the time.'
- to find my lap. sleep under my armpit.
-to shed copious amounts of thick coarse fur.
-to avoid Juniper (see below)
Juniper, kitten of mayhem, looks like her fur coat was caught in a blender and then randomly sticky-taped back together. Word to the wise, 'Oooh let’s get that playful one' should not be precursor to inviting said cat into home and hearth. That said, she really is lovely. When she's sleeping. Juniper joined us to keep Six company. This plan was deeply flawed.
Juniper likes:
- to play play play. This often involves bringing twigs and small seed pods inside to roll around on the floor. We also have a substantial collection of mummified small lizards, crickets and various insects found under the couch.
- to torture Six (see above), particularly by; watching, stalking, pouncing, latching on to her throat, taking her favourite sleeping spots and generally not giving her a moments peace.
- sleep in her favourite spot, in the frangipani pot. Tropical kitteh.

Gigersquee is the A birthday gift from a bestie, he came from a shelter and was named Gigersquee after a discussion about names resulting in word match between Giger (after H.R. Giger, artist, favours charcoals and colours reflected in coat of baby Gigersquee) and Squee (homicidal cartoon character. Just cute.)
Gigersquee went missing from my old apartment in April 2008. 3 months later, having accepted the likelihood that he was a goner, saw kitten in a window and said ‘ooooh, let’s get that playful one’ (see above). In November 2008, receive a phone call from RSPCA informing me that they have my cat, would I like to come and get him? Holy LONG LOST CAT! 7 MONTHS! (LLC for short)

Giger likes:
- to sit next to my head so that on awakening the first thing I see are large green eyes peering at me and inquiring quietly. Or a cold nose pressed on mine.
- be languorous. on the windowsill, or on the roof in the sun, or on the paving stones.
- rip the weekend paper into shreds and eat it. Usually when I’m trying to read it.
- hack hairballs up in the hallway. Nice.
He also has various allergies which result in charts and measuring and mixing and nice people in white coats taking what seems like an awful lot of my money.

Soooo happy Gigersquee was found despite sudden realisation that, oops, I have three cats, dangerously close to crazy cat lady territory. Particularly as I am single and like to wear slippers. Hrmm... I keep trying to give one away (I have spare, after all) but no takers as yet. I think they think I’m joking. I met a nice boy with three cats too, but it could never work out. If we ever moved in together we’d have Brady Bunch Family of six cats. Holy Toledo.
The Happiest Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, a guy asked a girl "Will you marry me?"
The girl said, "NO!"
And the girl lived happily ever after and went shopping, dancing, drank whole bottles of wine, chatted for hours on the phone with friends, always had a clean house, watched chick flicks without feeling guilty, never had to cook, did whatever the hell she wanted, never argued, didn't get fat, didn't have to pay for dual view TV, travelled more, had a career, had many lovers, and had all the hot water to herself. She went to the theatre, never watched sports, owned every remote control in the house, never wore frigging lacy lingerie that went up her arse, had high self esteem, never cried or yelled, and felt and looked fabulous all the time.

Friday, January 30, 2009


I am up late, with a glass of wine. but that's ok, tomorow I will laze in bed until I feel like getting up. and I can always change my mind and go back to bed. i will soak that up, because I'm sure I can't spend every saturday like that stretching into my life.
Tonight we had some friends over for dinner, 8 girls in all, eating and drinking and talking and laughing. Happy days.

Every day this week, as I pass the front gate, i've stopped and chomped on sweet little cherry tomatoes that warm in the sun and burst on your tongue like little goodnessess.

I am sleepy. And feeling kind of melancholy. The weekend lies ahead, I think we have an understanding. Many thoughts bubbling in my mind, yet blank. Many things to do, but don't feel like anything. Many loves in my life, yet none. Yep, did I say I was feeling melancholy? Time for bed and snuggles with John Steinbeck me thinks.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How to cheer yourself up

Wait until your drifting around the house aimlessly, sighing every now and then.

Get a pen and paper, and a cup of tea, and write in no particular your top 10 favourites. Favourite tastes, favourite smells, favourite sounds, favourite sights, favourite touches. This may be hard. Particulary if some of what you write is no longer available to you. In fact this may get a lot harder before it gets better. Sorry.

When you’re done, have another cup of tea and a bit of a weep.
Takea deep breath and pick one thing from each list you can do or experience right away.

Do them.

I went to the park under big trees, watched some clouds while listening to music on my ipod and feeling the grass between my toes. Then I ate mangoes in the sun, called my sister and heard her laugh and went home to hug a friend and sew a monster.

If it works out, you'll have a bittersweet feeling that although you've lost some things, there's still things in the world that make you smile. Smile.

Monday, January 26, 2009

my week

the rain sounds lovely on the leaves and the roof. It is late and I ought to be in bed.
excerpt from email sent this week: "work, meh. its fantastic and challenging and boring and stressful and exciting. i'll tell you all about it during the week (and you can try not to alternate between wetting your pants and falling asleep. as i do.)"
things I bought on the weekend
An embroidered budgie picture. Wooden horse head bookends. (My housemates think both of these are exceptionally ugly. I do not. but then, I am 'unique'. I love them.) A goldfish named Roberto. (Also some mulch that smells like raw sugar and a spaghetti canister.)

Wisdom pains (or lack of wisdom causing pains..) I think my wisdom is growing unevenly, I'm wiser in some parts and not in others, and I’m experiencing growing pains while it all catches up. I hope it catches up. I know what is stupid, and then sometimes do it anyway. Aaargh.
New Year’s Resolution # 12: do not accept less than amazing. I suspect I deserve something more than this.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

once there was a girl in the world

Once there was a girl young in the world.
She knew nothing of the ways of boys, and
when one sweet gentle-boy held her hand
and offered her his lovely heart
she trampled it in her ignorance, showered in
his tears, and went away to get lost in the world.
Once there was a girl lost in the world.
She fell in love with a boy who wandered
and when he fed her with his quiet ways but
did not need her, she wondered at his ways
and her stomach rumbled
Once there was a girl who was hungry.
A boy said to her 'run away with me'
and eat things starting with 'c'.
When he shipwrecked in
another bed she cried, and sighed
and she sailed on without him
Once there was a girl sailing across the sea...

virtual art gallery

Sweet as virtual art gallery here at Freshly Baked Gallery. I think the artist 'ears' lives near me, he's papered up some pics around.

embroidered owl

my owl is coming along, I grab minutes here and there to add a few more stitches. He still needs a little more detail though, and some words 'if i were wiser'...

Check out the bloody excellent patterns and kits at sublime stitching. If you haven't seen their stuff already, take a look- this ain't your gramma's embroidery! I've ordered a few patterns- coming from the US and I'm wondering how long it might take? Plans for some teatowels, a bag or two, maybe the back of a dress or a singlet. The possibilities. I may even get a head start on christmas presents this year and stitch a bunch... Yuh, 'cause we're talking about possibilites..

Saw this pic submitted by a stitcher- LOVE it. I like the simplicity and black lines.. I'm going to keep my eye out for pictures and photos I can sketch over and stitch from. I'll need a bigger embroidery hoop, but that's all (I like that my new favourite thing doesn't need much. I have calico and a heap of thread- I'm good). I have gorgeous neices and a nephew, perhaps I will have a go at one just like this..

Oh they grow up so fast! Time to plant out these babies.. My new system seems to be working- as fast as our house can eat eggs, that's how often I have empty egg cartons to plant seeds into. Otherwise I tend to plant heaps and then nothing..

New Years Resoluton #12: That point when you're out at the pub with mates and you go 'yep, good night, should probably go home now'- actually go home.

Friday, January 23, 2009

cinematic orchestra

Last night I enjoyed the cinematic orchestra. They played in Angel Place, a small venue with balconies stacked high on the walls and incredible acoustics bouncing and vibrating all around the place. We were right on the balcony to the left of the stage, a spit away from the pianist.

As I fell asleep I was thinking three things..

1. I love music solos. Any kind; guitar solo, drum solo, sax solo, piano solo. They all rock. when the other instruments fade away and the spotlight is on one player puring their energy into one instrument frantically, it's a beautiful thing!

2. I love the 'last song'. When I hear the announcement, and know it's the last one, I lean forward and soak it up through my pores as much as I can, knowing that it is about to end. (I won't go into the joy of encores!)

3. I remember why I seem to always date musicians. They're freaakin hot! Anyone that can hold me in such a trance, and create such beauty..

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

In the mood for a good book. Turn down the lights, pull up the doona, have a cat or two (or three... oops). I need to find another one to start now, after the last one looked promising but unexpectedly turned to CHEESE with a lame plot involving seperated-at-birth twins.. Puhleeese.

When I was at school I would spend hours, days, entire weekends reading. Hundreds of books a year. But then kids books are often excellent, adults books can be tiresome, or a bore, or full of self-importance. Best to avoid those ones.

My usual method is reading the first sentence. Or the first page. If I don't feel compelled to turn the page, it will probably never work between us. A friend of mine tests by reading the last page; I've heard some people just read the blurb, but it's like believing a resume.. better off meeting the person.

(which reminds me of the culmination of many conversations with a bestie of mine. Three questions you should ask yourself of any guy- 'would I employ him?', 'does he have a good hip to shoulder ratio?' (trust us on this one) and 'does he spend more time on his hair than I do on mine?'. The answers should let you know how to continue. With caution or wild abandon!)

bunch o' stuff

New favourite thing:
play the radio, put in any band/artist and plays songs from that artist and a bunch others like them. Great for me, when I kinda know the kind of music I feel like but can't make up my mind. Superdooper for finding new artists to love..

Last weekend I sat in the park and watched a dad watch his little boy on his trike for ages. Nearby friends were having a picnic but the guy just watched and walked as for ages and ages the boy rolled down the path, then pushed up again. then rolled down again. When the boy got off for the zillionith time the dad jumped on and for a minute the roles were reversed. So cute!

seen on the way home today. ain't that the truth...

so goes a quote a friend gave me-
"The future remains uncertain and so it should, for it is the canvas upon which we paint our desires. Thus always the human condition faces a beautifully empty canvas. We possess only this moment in which to dedicate ourselves continuously to the sacred presence which we share and create."

something i'm sewing... a skeleton. so far as you can see i've only made the spine, shoulderblades and one bone (and a red heart).. each bone has a wire core and I think i'll find some little white beads to be the elbow and knee joints... not sure about the skull though.. hrrmmm....

also started an owl... maybe- "if i were wiser".. going to fill it up with stitches and bits.

Went for a walk tonight as the thunder rolled and big drops fell to the road around me. Feeling strange these days.. doing the usual, work home, read. Listen to records, plant some seeds... somehow the world is different. Or is it just me?
Loving my home, the company of friends, sleeping diagonally in the bed and kicking off the covers. Doing what I like, even if it is only lying on the floor and staring upside down out the window. (not liking.. deadlines, running out of milk, stubbed toes and people ripping the garfield cartoon out of the paper at my cafe)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

tomato bum

I often wonder at the human capacity for complicating things. I like the simple life, but lately, I am sure good at making things hard for myself. I am resolved to lock myself in with my sewing machine all weekend, lest I make it worse. And maybe I'll go into the garden.

Today was part 2 of the great tomato harvest

From such a little space I got so many tomatoes I need to cut 'em up and freeze them for future pasta sauces. The bugs/birds/various insects claimed many, but I'm very pleased at the result of my sporadic vege garden!

...but the best thing was definitely.. the TOMATO BUM!

(it says something about my day that the best thing that's happened is some misshapen fruit, but isn't it good?)

some baby seedlings have also come up, yawning...

I love the inherent promise. I don't like it when I forget to water them and they die.
New Years Resolution #27- don't kill plants from negligence, forgetfulness or laziness...

Also the little soldiers and plant from my earlier post- gone! all cleaned off, scrubbed away like it never was. Just some little patches of tenacious glue..


just chattin with a friend, and realised all mobile phones should come with a breathalyser attached. imagine a world without drunken txts, no 3am calls that leave you waking with a pounding head, dry mouth and echoing sense of regret. dammit.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bought these beautiful lilies on my way home from work on thursday, they've filled half the house with flowery smells, and are amazing shade of pink. and I don't usually like pink.
Also kudos to the florist dude, who lets me pull up on my bike and pick up flowers like a drive-thru..

another go at stitch sketching, I think my favourite so far.. thinking of doing a whole zoo animal series? and framing in a row? I thought about using colour or 'colouring in' with stitches like the green bird, but I kinda like the simplicity.

Yesterday riding through the park I stopped to take shots of this..

'seed plants not war'... a close up of the little soldiers

I love that I live in a place with random creativity and notions.. (I watered the little tomato plant too, see the tiny green tomato?)

my to-read book pile next to my bed. I cleaned out my bookshelves recently and have 2 big boxes of books I've either read or if I-haven't-by-now-probably-never-will.. I've kept my favourites and made this pile.

It's a beautiful saturday. I think I will go to the park and read the paper, watch clouds and not think about boys at all.. at all...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

dinner, gnomes and neighbours

My good friends came over for dinner last night. We cooked together, and listening to music, chatted and dreamed. My friend Zana is beautiful and talented (and sometimes I find myself in awe of her) and is a musician singer/songwriter. She played and sang for us and made R cry, it was so beautiful. You can find her amazing music here.

While we ate there was a yell from down the hallway, and I met my neighbour. 83 years old, Beryl has lived at the end of my street for 23 years. She walked up the block to post a letter to her son, and, as she passed my house, became dizzy from the exertion and lent on our front gate to shout out to us. Grasping her elbow I slowly shuffled her home and she told me stories and we admired the front gardens all the way down the street. Her favourite is 3 doors down from me, a garden made entirely of garden gnomes.

When she was safe inside I was reminded of my youth and healthy body and sprinted home, because I'm still young, and I can, so it would seem a shame not to.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

lawn bowls

hello bright sunday. My head feels vague and unsure, my eyelids feel thick.

I have grown tired of protecting my heart, and wish to spend the day curled up with old frankie magazines. Alas my friends band is playing at the local in a bit more than 2 hours, and it is their last show ever as he is moving up the coast. So I will dress and drag myself out to hug and smile and cheer, even if I don't feel like it.

Yesterday I went lawnbowling, and have realised that my talents lie in different areas. Very different areas. It was fun though, and the beers are cheap!

Friday, January 2, 2009

bird cage stitchin'

well here it is, I had another go at freehand stitching and had a play with colours too. My birdcage is a bit wonky (but so's life, so - meh). It would be cute to do tiny sketches for buttons and badges..

sketch stitchin'

last night I tried out some sketching with stitches, this is how it turned out. I quite like it, though his neck is a little too long! I love the feel of the stitches on the taut fabric when I run my fingertips across the top. I'll have another go today, I'm excited about the possibilities - different stitches, coloured threads, backgrounds, the thicknessess of threads. I'll let you know how it goes!

On an excursion to the garden shed, I came across this little birdy I stitched last year. He's been hanging out outside and has a weathered look that suits him.

Also found my baby frangipani has it's first flower- it was rescued from the bin at the Horticultural College, and has lived (barely) in various pots on balconies, until now when he has his very own spot in the sun- so he' finally flowered. (Not sure why my frangipani is a he, but it fits!)
straight on my birthday wishlist is a better camera, never noticed until I use these shots and go hrrrmmm....

Thursday, January 1, 2009

first day of the year, time for fresh beginnings and turning over leaves etc etc, so I'm feeling inspired.

I took the christmas tree decorations down today, and couldn't resist one last photo of my little tree. It looked strangely naked without baubles and boxes and felt ornaments, just green and wearing a little gold star.

I have given up on New Years Resolutions, as I usually make rash promises to myself that never quite work out (I'm going to learn Italian! I will only eat chocolate on Sundays!), but here are some more vague and attainable ones..

This year I will: Watch more clouds and less television, read more books and less newspapers, eat more fruit and less peanut butter and jam sandwiches. I want to give myself time to create and explore, and give less time to worry and stress. I want to discover new music and feel new things. I want to not be afraid of new things, and people and places. I want to love more, and learn, and live.. (that's all!)

This blog is about creating beautiful things and sharing, about giving myself time to sit and think about what's going on, and appreciate all the sweetness.