Thursday, January 15, 2009

tomato bum

I often wonder at the human capacity for complicating things. I like the simple life, but lately, I am sure good at making things hard for myself. I am resolved to lock myself in with my sewing machine all weekend, lest I make it worse. And maybe I'll go into the garden.

Today was part 2 of the great tomato harvest

From such a little space I got so many tomatoes I need to cut 'em up and freeze them for future pasta sauces. The bugs/birds/various insects claimed many, but I'm very pleased at the result of my sporadic vege garden!

...but the best thing was definitely.. the TOMATO BUM!

(it says something about my day that the best thing that's happened is some misshapen fruit, but isn't it good?)

some baby seedlings have also come up, yawning...

I love the inherent promise. I don't like it when I forget to water them and they die.
New Years Resolution #27- don't kill plants from negligence, forgetfulness or laziness...

Also the little soldiers and plant from my earlier post- gone! all cleaned off, scrubbed away like it never was. Just some little patches of tenacious glue..

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  1. Its weird isn't it, how you over complicate things and think about things way too much, then feel often feel like a fool because of it! Simple is good, less is more. Doing things like gardening is definitely good to clear your mind, for me anyway!

    Your tomatoes look fabulous, you should see mine, they're a sorry bunch.. fruit flies got them and the inside of my apollo tomatoes are writhing with larvae.. ew. The Romas are coming good but the cherry tomatoes look like they're going to be a winner.

    p..s... are the tomato bums toilet trained?