Saturday, January 31, 2009

Up totally too late, again, entranced by this chick all over youtube singin funny songs with a beautiful voice and ace ukele skills, wit her friend who rocks a cure song. First linked from blogs (sorry, I've looked at so many today I cannot remember who started it!) then meandered through a musical journey all my own, until I look up bleary eyes and realise its almost 1am. Go on your own journey. may the ukelele be with you.

Meant to blog about other stuff, well meant to do a lot more stuff tonight, but such is the way of the web *sigh*. Youtube is up there with horoscopes, google earth and of course crafty blogs as my biggest time sucking vortexes in front of a computer. Outside of that it'd have to be staring at shelves in supermarkets being indecisive, walking into rooms but forgetting why I'm there, and staring into the distance.

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  1. Wow, she's awesome, I SO enjoyed that. I watched some of her original ones too.. Some people are a wonder hey.. Thanks for posting that!

    So.. did you have any inner revelations in your dreamy gazes? Any fascinating ideas? See any wonderful places? or?