Saturday, January 31, 2009

Let me introduce you to my cats.

I have 3, accidentally.
Six, (daughter of my friends cat Seven, who was later tragically killed and buried under the lemon tree next to the chicken coop) is tabby and has 'big bones'.
Six likes:
- to be aloof and nonchalant. She follows me around but pretends not to. As in 'Oh, you're in the shower? I didn't notice. Really, I balance on the edge of the bath and stare into the distance all the time.'
- to find my lap. sleep under my armpit.
-to shed copious amounts of thick coarse fur.
-to avoid Juniper (see below)
Juniper, kitten of mayhem, looks like her fur coat was caught in a blender and then randomly sticky-taped back together. Word to the wise, 'Oooh let’s get that playful one' should not be precursor to inviting said cat into home and hearth. That said, she really is lovely. When she's sleeping. Juniper joined us to keep Six company. This plan was deeply flawed.
Juniper likes:
- to play play play. This often involves bringing twigs and small seed pods inside to roll around on the floor. We also have a substantial collection of mummified small lizards, crickets and various insects found under the couch.
- to torture Six (see above), particularly by; watching, stalking, pouncing, latching on to her throat, taking her favourite sleeping spots and generally not giving her a moments peace.
- sleep in her favourite spot, in the frangipani pot. Tropical kitteh.

Gigersquee is the A birthday gift from a bestie, he came from a shelter and was named Gigersquee after a discussion about names resulting in word match between Giger (after H.R. Giger, artist, favours charcoals and colours reflected in coat of baby Gigersquee) and Squee (homicidal cartoon character. Just cute.)
Gigersquee went missing from my old apartment in April 2008. 3 months later, having accepted the likelihood that he was a goner, saw kitten in a window and said ‘ooooh, let’s get that playful one’ (see above). In November 2008, receive a phone call from RSPCA informing me that they have my cat, would I like to come and get him? Holy LONG LOST CAT! 7 MONTHS! (LLC for short)

Giger likes:
- to sit next to my head so that on awakening the first thing I see are large green eyes peering at me and inquiring quietly. Or a cold nose pressed on mine.
- be languorous. on the windowsill, or on the roof in the sun, or on the paving stones.
- rip the weekend paper into shreds and eat it. Usually when I’m trying to read it.
- hack hairballs up in the hallway. Nice.
He also has various allergies which result in charts and measuring and mixing and nice people in white coats taking what seems like an awful lot of my money.

Soooo happy Gigersquee was found despite sudden realisation that, oops, I have three cats, dangerously close to crazy cat lady territory. Particularly as I am single and like to wear slippers. Hrmm... I keep trying to give one away (I have spare, after all) but no takers as yet. I think they think I’m joking. I met a nice boy with three cats too, but it could never work out. If we ever moved in together we’d have Brady Bunch Family of six cats. Holy Toledo.

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