Saturday, January 24, 2009

embroidered owl

my owl is coming along, I grab minutes here and there to add a few more stitches. He still needs a little more detail though, and some words 'if i were wiser'...

Check out the bloody excellent patterns and kits at sublime stitching. If you haven't seen their stuff already, take a look- this ain't your gramma's embroidery! I've ordered a few patterns- coming from the US and I'm wondering how long it might take? Plans for some teatowels, a bag or two, maybe the back of a dress or a singlet. The possibilities. I may even get a head start on christmas presents this year and stitch a bunch... Yuh, 'cause we're talking about possibilites..

Saw this pic submitted by a stitcher- LOVE it. I like the simplicity and black lines.. I'm going to keep my eye out for pictures and photos I can sketch over and stitch from. I'll need a bigger embroidery hoop, but that's all (I like that my new favourite thing doesn't need much. I have calico and a heap of thread- I'm good). I have gorgeous neices and a nephew, perhaps I will have a go at one just like this..

Oh they grow up so fast! Time to plant out these babies.. My new system seems to be working- as fast as our house can eat eggs, that's how often I have empty egg cartons to plant seeds into. Otherwise I tend to plant heaps and then nothing..

New Years Resoluton #12: That point when you're out at the pub with mates and you go 'yep, good night, should probably go home now'- actually go home.

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