Wednesday, January 21, 2009

In the mood for a good book. Turn down the lights, pull up the doona, have a cat or two (or three... oops). I need to find another one to start now, after the last one looked promising but unexpectedly turned to CHEESE with a lame plot involving seperated-at-birth twins.. Puhleeese.

When I was at school I would spend hours, days, entire weekends reading. Hundreds of books a year. But then kids books are often excellent, adults books can be tiresome, or a bore, or full of self-importance. Best to avoid those ones.

My usual method is reading the first sentence. Or the first page. If I don't feel compelled to turn the page, it will probably never work between us. A friend of mine tests by reading the last page; I've heard some people just read the blurb, but it's like believing a resume.. better off meeting the person.

(which reminds me of the culmination of many conversations with a bestie of mine. Three questions you should ask yourself of any guy- 'would I employ him?', 'does he have a good hip to shoulder ratio?' (trust us on this one) and 'does he spend more time on his hair than I do on mine?'. The answers should let you know how to continue. With caution or wild abandon!)

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