Saturday, January 24, 2009

once there was a girl in the world

Once there was a girl young in the world.
She knew nothing of the ways of boys, and
when one sweet gentle-boy held her hand
and offered her his lovely heart
she trampled it in her ignorance, showered in
his tears, and went away to get lost in the world.
Once there was a girl lost in the world.
She fell in love with a boy who wandered
and when he fed her with his quiet ways but
did not need her, she wondered at his ways
and her stomach rumbled
Once there was a girl who was hungry.
A boy said to her 'run away with me'
and eat things starting with 'c'.
When he shipwrecked in
another bed she cried, and sighed
and she sailed on without him
Once there was a girl sailing across the sea...

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