Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bought these beautiful lilies on my way home from work on thursday, they've filled half the house with flowery smells, and are amazing shade of pink. and I don't usually like pink.
Also kudos to the florist dude, who lets me pull up on my bike and pick up flowers like a drive-thru..

another go at stitch sketching, I think my favourite so far.. thinking of doing a whole zoo animal series? and framing in a row? I thought about using colour or 'colouring in' with stitches like the green bird, but I kinda like the simplicity.

Yesterday riding through the park I stopped to take shots of this..

'seed plants not war'... a close up of the little soldiers

I love that I live in a place with random creativity and notions.. (I watered the little tomato plant too, see the tiny green tomato?)

my to-read book pile next to my bed. I cleaned out my bookshelves recently and have 2 big boxes of books I've either read or if I-haven't-by-now-probably-never-will.. I've kept my favourites and made this pile.

It's a beautiful saturday. I think I will go to the park and read the paper, watch clouds and not think about boys at all.. at all...

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  1. I have the exact same thing! Except mine are crammed, double-shelved into one of my bookshelves :-) Not enough time!
    I love your owl stitching...did you end up joining Brown Owls? Sydney are having their first meeting late Feb.