Friday, January 23, 2009

cinematic orchestra

Last night I enjoyed the cinematic orchestra. They played in Angel Place, a small venue with balconies stacked high on the walls and incredible acoustics bouncing and vibrating all around the place. We were right on the balcony to the left of the stage, a spit away from the pianist.

As I fell asleep I was thinking three things..

1. I love music solos. Any kind; guitar solo, drum solo, sax solo, piano solo. They all rock. when the other instruments fade away and the spotlight is on one player puring their energy into one instrument frantically, it's a beautiful thing!

2. I love the 'last song'. When I hear the announcement, and know it's the last one, I lean forward and soak it up through my pores as much as I can, knowing that it is about to end. (I won't go into the joy of encores!)

3. I remember why I seem to always date musicians. They're freaakin hot! Anyone that can hold me in such a trance, and create such beauty..

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