Wednesday, January 7, 2009

dinner, gnomes and neighbours

My good friends came over for dinner last night. We cooked together, and listening to music, chatted and dreamed. My friend Zana is beautiful and talented (and sometimes I find myself in awe of her) and is a musician singer/songwriter. She played and sang for us and made R cry, it was so beautiful. You can find her amazing music here.

While we ate there was a yell from down the hallway, and I met my neighbour. 83 years old, Beryl has lived at the end of my street for 23 years. She walked up the block to post a letter to her son, and, as she passed my house, became dizzy from the exertion and lent on our front gate to shout out to us. Grasping her elbow I slowly shuffled her home and she told me stories and we admired the front gardens all the way down the street. Her favourite is 3 doors down from me, a garden made entirely of garden gnomes.

When she was safe inside I was reminded of my youth and healthy body and sprinted home, because I'm still young, and I can, so it would seem a shame not to.

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