Saturday, May 15, 2010

yay for clouds!

I've been sewing, I have, but waiting for that elusive photo weather, bright but cloudy when I can get the pictures I like. This morning when I was sipping my third cup of tea and sitting at my desk, I looked up and realised that the light was nice. Nice indeed, so I pulled out the new foxes, and giraffes, and rattles, and balanced in the garden bed taking photos (and possibly flashing my undies to the passers-by) until the darn clouds moved away and the sun shone too brightly. My fabric tags arrived, do you see them on the foxes? Aren't they swell? So now (hurrah!) I can show you and update my shop, too.


  1. They look fabulous! love the tags! *s*

  2. i LOVE these!
    every stitch darling.
    the tag's hip looking.
    cool colors.
    sweet faces.
    warm heart.x

  3. Swell indeed! Great colours - love those foxes!

  4. hooray for pretty things!
    i rather enjoy all the delightful pictures splish splashed through your posts.
    your blog oozes loveliness, and i thank-you for sharing! x

  5. wow, those little softies are too cute!