Saturday, May 8, 2010

Oops I forgot!

My Friday Follower! Sorry ‘bout that!

This week I introduce the lovely Kathy from
Chunky Chooky- if you haven't already met. Kathy was one of my first followers and her encouragment and comments really kept me going in those weeks where I wondered over the sanity of blogging in between working, studying, life-in-general. She makes VERY CUTE plushies and rattles in lovely bold prints, the kind of stuff that makes me sigh and think of little fingers holding them... ANYWAY, do go have a read, she is down-to-earth, lovely, kind and funny. Here's her etsy shop too.
Considering my unpredictable schedule I figured that setting up a regular blogging theme like this doesn’t really work for me, but I still want to show you some of my favourite blogs and say thank you to my followers, so instead I give you the blog love of the moment tab on the side there. I’ll keep featuring followers and my favourite blogs, but gives me some more leeway in scheduling! I love finding new bloggy favourites through other people's blogs, I hope this will give you a chance to find some more too.

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  1. Thanks pepper, I am honoured to be chosen, I would like to say I am not holding one of my softies rather a lovely huge pincushion made for me by Leonie from raglanguld.
    I absolutely love your softies and think you are one clever woman.