Monday, May 31, 2010



I feel a little in limbo lately. My work and financial situation feels precarious, this darn cold is keeping me close to bed, the rain is keeping everyone indoors. I want to change what I do, I'm meeting new people, it's nearly half way through the year (already!) and I have that familiar 'what happened? what's going on now?' feeling. Like I am between stages, like something is going to happen. I just don't know what. Or when.

My horoscope (I'm not an astrology fanatic, but I do like to read mine every morning and go 'woo!' if it's good and ignore it if it's bad) last week said I should remember what it felt to do something spontaneous, 'cause it may happen again soon. I'll let you know.


(When feeling strange, it is nice to take out all my fabric, fold it up neatly and put it back by colour. It makes me happy. Simple and oh-so-satisfying to make some order out of pretty things.)

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