Saturday, December 11, 2010

my week in pictures

Pie. Chicken and vegetable pie. I love pie.

My Christmas tree, isn't it pretty! See there is the twig crayon my friend gave me, and the little music parcels I made last year, and that little lace heart is new. I like using ornaments given to me. In the absence of family Christmas traditions (we didn't celebrate growing up) I am starting to realise my own, and it's nice, isn't it?
I've printed out lots of photos of friends and family, and hung them above my computer. They make me smile and remind me of all the fun we've had, and that I'm loved.

Lots of rain. Lots. The ducks and the vege gardens and the frogs say YAY!

Hello local library, it's nice to meet you. You are nice and quiet and air-conditioned on hot hot days and have beanbags and books I have never read. Let's be friends.

The boldest cat has turned into a scaredy-cat and this is where she has hidden all week. Juniper you sook.

Homemade jam and pickles at the bush markets. I had a cup of tea and a cupcake for 2 dollars, and entered the community christmas raffle. Fingers crossed for a Lions Cake.
Thanks for your kind words, I'm still feeling sucky but it's sure nice to have friends like you x

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  1. Oh, I miss the country. Yearning for it, actually, after seeing the bush market sign and the produce. This city life is too much at times and today I'd like a more leisurely country pace.