Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010- a list

I arrived on the late train and we went late-night Christmas shopping and we hit a bunny and a fox on the way home. I know.

My sister made up my bed all cute with a little owl and vintage sheets.

We went to the Storytree, that's my cute niece Elsa.
We played on the trampoline and swings and mum was hit in the eye with a tennis ball.
Christmas lunch was delicious, and delicious, and yum.
We told each other jokes and laughed a lot
It rained a lot too.
We had breakfast involving pancakes and bacon and syrup. Twice.
My sister makes really good cake. Christmas Cake. Brandy Christmas Cake. With icing.
We played video games and that new one that uses your body as the controller.
And regular board games too.
Some people drank margaritas. Some people drank bourbon. Some people drank juice.
We listened to Flight of the Conchords and some people did the robot dance.
We drove around and looked at the Christmas lights
and had a family trip to Ikea
and also Sizzler.
We almost got stuck when it rained so much the roads were closed
but we weren't.
At my twin sisters place we watched Sherlock Holmes and ate popcorn
and she made me the most gosh darn delicious baked potato I've ever had.
My big sister picked me up and we spent the next night playing cards, doing our nails
and watching old episodes of Friends.
In the morning I got the train and my other sister picked me up
and we went op-shopping.
I bought this crocheted blanket (which I love), an antique globe
and a salt and pepper shaker shaped like a mouse.
Then my mum and I drove to the property and in the morning I had billy tea.

Now I am home. Phew.
I feel a bit like Dorothy. I've been looking for something and just realised I had it all along.


  1. Love your wonderful photos! Happy New Year.

  2. Looks like an awesome Christmas was had! Happy New Year.

  3. Lovely! Everything, especially the last paragraph :)