Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Perfect Life

I like this post from Pip, and saw Katie Crackernuts having a go too, so here is mine. Do play along if you like.

I have had four cups of tea.
My hair isn't long enough for a ponytail, but not short enough to leave alone.
We aren't having Christmas presents this year, because we're saving for a trip.
I need to plant some zucchini seedlings,
And clean my studio, perhaps
I have to finish some embroidered monster tattoos
There are things where they are not meant to be
But they are nice things
I mustn't forget to feed the chickens and pigs

Before I go to the neighbours for tea.
There isn't any laneways near here, and noone is fighting
although lots of people I know are breaking up
and that's sad.
My bed is not made
but I have done the dishes
I am listening to Mumford and Sons
and wondering if I ought to have a salad for lunch, or bruchetta

and if it will rain today, or just stay cloudy
I don't know what angel chimes are either
I have paint under my fingernails
There are library books all over the table
We have lots of chickens
But no vintage wallpaper
I really like both of those things
I do have a typewriter for letters, and three cats
and a roof over my head, check.
I have sore eyes and itchy bites, but I don't really mind
I really really like Japanese food too

I wonder what I will be doing for New Years Eve this year
I would like some fancy gumboots
that would be nice
and also a house in Brisbane with a verandah and a garden
I always forget I have a mug of tea and let half go cold
And my phone doesn't get reception out here

I miss talking to my sister
It's Christmas in 9 days
Sometimes I wonder what I'm doing
but then I forget to worry, and do something anyway
I am looking forward to seeing my family next week
but worried about learning magic tricks for the family concert
in case they don't work.
I am going to read the new Frankie on the train

and write in my journal
Now I'm finished my list.

Your turn.


  1. That's awesome. I might try it too :)

  2. Oooooooh I SO can't wait to see you next week! Bummer about the mobile reception, good thing I didn't text you heaps and heaps then..... And the latest Frankie is ace, just finished it.

  3. Oh I love lists. :)

    Thanks for your heartfelt comments. They really mean a lot.

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family, and that the magic tricks are phenomenal.