Friday, November 12, 2010

books I am reading

I am always reading several books at once, the one I pick up depending on my mood and how long I have time to read and where I am. Does anyone else do that? I thought I'd share what I'm reading right now.

Farewell My Lovely, Raymond Chandler
An old-school detective story, with a main character who drinks whisky and calls women 'dames'. I love these reprinted penguins too.

Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant, Anne Tyler
Do you know Anne Tyler? Oh you should, she is oh-so-good. This one has themes of family and what it means and the entire dysfunctional-ness of it all, and how everyone is just trying to do their best, but it doesn't always work. Oh I don't do it justice at all. Read it.

The Dream Life of Sukhonav- Olga Grushin
Oh awesome. I haven't even finished it and I already want to read it again. A beautifully written novel about a guy who abandoned his life as an artist to fit in with communist Russia and is now an important minister, but of course it comes back to bite him in the bum. (This is not how it is written on the back cover, mind).

An Illustrated Life
A peek in artists, illustrators and designers everyday sketchbooks. Lots of cool pictures and bits from each contributor on what their sketchbooks means to them, how they use it etc. Very inspiring.

Cartoon Modern
A book on the cartoonists and animation houses of the 50's and how they influenced modern design. More cool pictures including cartoon advertisements and interesting subject matter.

Mr Darcy Takes a Wife, Linda Berdoll
A sequel to Pride and Prejudice. Interesting, well written in perfect prose, and oh-my giggling unexpected rude bits! Oh Mr Darcy! If you like Pride and Prejudice (and Oh I DO) then do read a bit of this. Try not to read it in public if you have a tendency to blush.
what are you reading right now?

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