Tuesday, June 7, 2011

the weight of a dream

I dreamt of an old love last night, a lost love, a it-wasn't-right-but-good-lord-it-hurt-anyway kind of love, and woke feeling sad and lost with a touch of guilt for the way things went and the way things could have been, and the way things never were; and the less-than-stellar way I handled the fall-out.

What I want to know is, what do you do with this weight? When you wake up carrying emotions from a dream, what do you with it? I can't carry it with me all day. I need to put it down somewhere so my hands are free for other things, but I'm not sure how.


  1. wow...such beautiful writing...it is hard to do anything with such a weight on you, perhaps you can write it down and physically put it in a box to clear it away from your mind and heart.

    Or maybe making it into something and locking it away...

    My thoughts are with you...good luck!

  2. The what-if's of lost love are a heavy burden to carry. Try to shake it off with the lessons learned, mistakes not to be made again and the possibility of new love lurking around any corner :)

  3. thanks Samantha and Thouraya! I spent an hour looking at pretty blogs, listened to some new music and remembered that the best is yet to come; and promptly cheered right up! x

  4. Oh man, I understand that feeling - having dreams affect your waking. I think I keep a lot of anger bottled up, so sometimes I have dreams where I let it all out and wake in a filthy angry mood.
    A quote my husband says helps me sometimes: "You are who you are in this moment"... I dont know where its from but the internet should. *s*

  5. Lovely writing Pepper!

    I know those post dream feelings so so well. I kind of indulge them - that weightiness is such a miracle, considering that the dreams are nowhere except in our heads ...

    Glad you cheered yourself :)