Wednesday, September 14, 2011

visited and visiting

:: visited my niece in hospital having her adenoids and tonsils removed. ouch.
:: a possum and her baby have taken to visiting the studio every day to sleep in the windowsill
:: my sister is housesitting and puppies-sitting, and I've been visiting her to help out with the feeding/training/toiletting/walking parts
:: visited my sisters place and her husband and kidlets, so nice.
:: visited by a lovely lass interviewing me for an online article. She brought chocolate!
:: visited some old friends whoI haven't seen for a long, long time. This is their new baby, who farts a lot but is very sweet.
:: Gigersquee has somewhat moved next door, but still deigns to visit us on occasion
:: My housemate is moving out, but I hope she will visit us often!

Lots of this lately, and it is awfully nice to have company when you're feeling a bit glum, isn't it? I'm just not sure where my eternal (and you-might-call-it naive) sense of optimism has gone. But I am optimistic that it will return!

Thanks for your lovely words of support and encouragement. Plans are in the works, and I will share soon. Until then, hope your week is ace!

Pepper x

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