Sunday, December 13, 2009

I am a Silly Chicken & Giveaway

I am a Silly FORGETFUL Chicken. I completley and utterly forgot the Brown Owls Christmas Party. I was looking forward to it. I had suggested a location, I RSVPd, I decided what to wear, I had chosen and wrapped a secret santa present.

Then I forgot. At 7pm Sunday night I sat upright, slapped my forehead so hard my eyes bugged out, and swore very loudly.

I blame the uni essays crowding my mind. I blame a lifetime of absent-mindfulness and my current lack of diary and pause of to-do list writing. I blame the alignment of the planets, and my silly brain. Most of all I blame me, which is awful because I really was looking forward to going, and was prepared to face my shyness to do it. I really enjoy spening time with the lovely crafty and funny Brown Owls, chatting about crafty things and thread and the best way to finish a stitch. Sorry guys. My brain.

Now I have gone for a walk, eaten a bag of mixed lollies and stopped swearing everytime I think of it, I am having a giveaway for the gift that was to be the secret santa. Two books, cozy crochet and embroidery.


The books are brand new and full of tips and patterns and projects and pictures, and quite-darn-nice. To enter this giveaway, leave a comment on this post. If you like, leave a comment about the last time you totally forgot something and felt like a Silly Chicken. It may help me feel better. For an extra entry, post about the giveaway and/or being a Silly Chicken. I will draw the winner next monday.

Unless I forget.
Just kidding.
I think.
(edit) giveaway for international peeps too!


  1. will you post abroad? I'm in England, but would love love love those books. I have that same chicken picture on a coaster, but it says 'that man has a huge c@$k' under it. I find it funny in an awful childish sort of way. probably because I am both awful and childish. anyway, if you will post, can you count this as my entry? although I feel bad for your secret santa who didn't get a present...xx

  2.! I'd love them! Last time I totally forgot something was when I realised whilst driving home from town that I had a doc's appointment, in TEN MINUTES!. I had to ring up with the lame excuse of 'I forgot'. Ughhh baby brain strikes again!

  3. This morning I forgot my breakfast and lunch at home in the delerium of exhaustion! It's the first time I have forgotten my breakfast...I was very sad!

    On the upside I am now forced out into the world at large to discover something yummy for lunch!

  4. I'm a bad one for forgetting I have washing on the line. That coupled with my very "friendly" neighbors and I was greeted at my doorstep on the weekend by Glenn, who had brought in my washing for me, as it was past 7:30pm, yes, underwear and all.
    I. was. mortified
    Great giveaway! I hope you feel a bit less like a silly chicken :)

  5. I'm always forgetting where I put things. It's got to the stage where I tell my kids to never give me something to look after for them! Not only will I forget where I put it I forget they even gave it to me!

  6. Here is my story on the time i was a "Silly Chicken":

    i told my dear boyfriend i would accompany him on a trip to the mechanic (he wanted some moral support) and he was supposed to pick me up at my place. well...i got inspired by an adorable craft i'd seen on a blog and i was determined to find some sweaters to use for this craft idea. i'd gone to two thrift shops and totally forgotten about my dear boyfriend who had been waiting for me at my place (he has a key) for over an hour!! not to mention i couldn't hear my cell phone go off in my purse when he called numerous times! i felt so awful that i had stood him up like that, which is something i NEVER do, to anyone.

    i didn't exactly tell him that i was a woman possessed by a creative idea, but he DID get the first soft toy i made from a felted sweater and he loves it - now i try not to be so obsessed about craft ideas, but it's not always easy!!

    don't feel too badly about your forgetfulness - at the very least, you didn't let anyone down who was counting on you for moral support!!!

    (BTW: i'm in the US so if you weren't planning on mailing overseas, don't worry about the give-away; i just hope my story helps you feel better about forgetting to go out to a party and hang out with friends!)

  7. Oh dear. Most recently I forgot to go to a friend's 30th. I felt crappy about that for about a month. She was most understanding, which is why she is my friend I guess!

    Great giveaway! Thanks for sharing the spoils of your forgotten party!