Wednesday, December 23, 2009

a suspicious character & giveaway winner

I don't know about him. Ever have those projects that never quite seem finished, or you're never quite satisfied? This guy is weird.

I ran out of fur for his hood and his forehead was huge so I gave him a fringe. Then his chin looked funny, so I turned his tail into a beard. (You know I like beards). But still, he just manages to look a bit shady, with his interlocked fingers and sideways glance. A suspicious character.

(ever have that thing where photos only upload sideways? or is it just me?)

In other news, I have drawn a winner of the crochet and embroidery books (I remembered!) Thanks to everyone who entered, your Silly Chicken stories made me giggle and feel much better! *drum roll* and the lucky Chicken is mammajoy! Yay!!


  1. He's adorable, all the same! :) {Or I might just be a fan of suspicious characters...}

  2. I don’t think I see suspicious, I think I am witnessing a bit of mischievous plotting.
    I think he is lovely.

  3. I love him - as you know I too have a love of facial hair!!!
    I love his interlocked fingers! LOVE!!
    I love his sweet face!!!! Love it!!!