Saturday, January 2, 2010

stand firm in the world

Well, 2009, I know you pushed and pulled me, and I'm sure I've learnt from it, even if I'm not always sure how. You're over now, and here is 2010, although I'm not sure I'm ready. But life doesn't wait for us to be ready, does it? It just keeps on, unrelentless. I am looking forward to it though, who doesn't like a fresh start, a go over? A reason to put the year behind and face towards the new with perpetual hope, optimisim of good things to come. Goodbye 2009, I'm glad I made it. Hello 2010. If you have lessons for me, please be gentle, m-kay?

I was watching 'scrubs' the other day, and although I don't usually take my life lessons from comedy sitcoms (ok, I lie. I do.) something stuck with me:
I always thought growing up was something that happened to you as you grew older. Now I realise that it is a choice you make.
So I am thinking of consiously growing up. Taking responsibility for the choices I make and where I want to be, rather than drifting along as a valid path. I am chronically indesisive by nature, and tend to go with the flow as it comes to me, rather than make any plans. It has worked well for me so far, but I feel like it is time to pay attention. All that boring stuff that I'm hoping will not be completely boring but help me grow and stand firm in the world.

Stand firm in the world.

Happy New Year to everyone and may it be full of and all the love and buttons and chocolate brownies your heart desires.


  1. Discovered your blog late last year and have enjoyed reading. All the best for 2010, I am sure it will be a good year for you!

  2. yes, the growing up journey... it never really ends, I think its more about when you care more about what you think about yourself rather than what other people think about you. . happy New Year Pepper. xxx

  3. I've been thinking about 'paying attention' also lately, but I, like you am very indecisive, so therefor I can't decide should I or not! Crap thing is I feel, is if I suddenly start making plans at this stage will I face regrets of not starting earlier. The way it stands at the moment, come 'the end' I can say well there you go I just never made plans! But actually trying to grow up and then failing is to scary a prospect! :D
    Happy new year lovely lady! xxx