Friday, July 1, 2011

nice crafty places to visit

(make and do; my all time favourite)

Like some sewing or crafty or design ideas? Maybe look at pretty pictures? Need a bit of inspiration? Here are some nice crafty places to visit and stock up.

:: WhipUp (book reviews, tutorials, crafty links, blogging tips)
:: Craftbits (looads of projects, rated by users with a gallery too)
:: The Making Spot (tutorials. Lots and lots of tutorials)
:: Dollar Store Crafts (swell projects to make from dollar store & recycled things)
Craftster (so many projects, so very many, and crafting/DIY/eco forums)
:: Craftzine (tutorials, ideas, recipes, DIY, patterns, forums)Link:: Craftsy (tutorials, online classes)

I've left out blogs for now. As you know that may end up a very long list indeed.

Do you have any favourite crafty websites to share?
Please pop a link in the comments!


  1. oh thank you for these links, I don't have any of my own to add from the top of my head. I do love your dolls posted recently. I think their little faces are beautiful and the cut of your fabric does look like a nose, so I think they are perfecto just as they are. I think they like to sing and dance and play in the garden all day. As for the everyday posters, oh gosh, what a laugh, I love them. Putting on my pants for some strange reason totally gave me the giggles. Hmmm today, mine would be toilet and bathroom cleaning, cause we don't have a cleaner and I live with boys. lol. yeah, that's so lame. Have a great weekend.

  2. Thanks for the list, I'm in need of a little inspiration!