Friday, August 26, 2011

vegemite and naps

(bought this mug in a thrift store in Vancouver. makes me giggle)

Phew! I'm back!

Oh the things I have seen, the places I've been. I cannot hardly even start to think about where I would start to begin. I have gazillions of photos to show you, but I will try to narrow it down to a few. hundred. Canada was incredible, Denmark was gorgeous, my family rocks (and we didn't kill each other! hooray!) and I am sleepy.

For now I am enjoying vegemite on toast more than I ever imagined I would (who knew?) and taking naps at strange times as my body catches up to this timezone. And listening to magpies in the mornings as I write more lists and rearrange my studio.


  1. Welcome back! Enjoy your tastes of home and best of luck getting back into the zone. Can't wait to jealousy look at some of your travel pics. :)

  2. Welcome home Pepper, I've missed you.

    Can't wait to be green, oops mean keen to see your photos Haha! :)