Sunday, October 30, 2011

flea market finds

An unexpected garage sale in my neighbourhood, and I walk away with little wooden shelves, a vintage desktop fan and vintage tins (chocolate and sun goggles), old keys for my collection, australiana linen teatowels & a classic paperback.

(which, by the way, is the new word. Fast overtaking 'lovely', 'swell' and even 'ace'. Gosh.)

(see more flea market finds over here.)


  1. The tins look great! I've been looking for vintage style tins for storing my supplies this summer and it's been fun to be on the hunt =-)

    Congrats on your great finds!

  2. Lovely finds--the tins are my favorite! :)

  3. Oh wow, I want to go a garage sale just like this one. Love all your finds. x

  4. Looooooooove the shelves & keys Miss Pepper!

  5. Now that's an awesome little collection you got yourself there!
    Golly eh? Well ok! It must be sounding pretty good to be threatening to take over 'ace'! My favourite word by far.
    I'm quite glad I found your blog today!
    Rach x

  6. Ha ha! I talk like I am from the 1950s too. I tend to say things like "hell's bells" and "my heaven's."