Monday, October 31, 2011

in my work bag

(water bottle. keys. apple. caramels. box of sultanas. assorted bobby pins. camera. book. sunglasses. mobile phone. travel pass. pens. notebook journal. postcard. ipod. chewing gum. purse. lip balm. compact mirror.)

Did you know, I started a new job? I guess not. I have not told you before now. Well I did. This is what is in my work bag. It is a big bag.

It is nice to wear stockings again, and daydream on the bus, and golly, aren't Fridays a bit special when it means two whole days at home? It is nice to have office morning teas and use post-it notes. It is even nice to argue gently with the photocopier. It is nice to complete other people's to-do lists, and leave it behind at the office when I go home each day. It is nice to have a steady income and pay things on time. It is nice to not be turning something I love into a monetary exercise, wrenching my soul through my nose at the same time. It is nice to have a bit of a break, and think.


  1. What a cute little illustration! Good luck in your new job!

  2. Sounds like you are doing the right thing for yourself!

  3. ' ...Argue gently with the photocopier....' Heheeh, ! That is so quaint! So glad you are enjoying all the newness of a new job.

  4. Totally! After 18 months of working part time, I've also gone back to full time work. Having colleagues and people to interact with during the day is great. Keeping busy and feeling like you're achieving things is great. And yes, weekends are awesome, not just a mundane recurrence of the rest of the week.

    Yes and the income too, such a relief.

    Good work m'dear.