Friday, September 18, 2009

my creative space

One day late, and in a different font due to various issues with blogger. I know not why. It irks me, this disparity in fonts. Yes, I am thatkindofperson.
(edit) Aha! fixed it!

This is my creative space at the moment, an old drawer on the coffee table with
1. knitting for some of this graffiti
2. a custom order from this exhibition
And also some more drawing and sketching for drawing a day

The drawer is handy to shift around the house, depending what I'm doing and if I'd rather be watching a movie, curled up in bed or sitting on the porch in the sun. Do you have portable craft stations too?

1 comment:

  1. How cool you are going to be a graffiti artist. Can't wait to see what you do Pepper.

    Your draw idea is great. Portable craft is a must. I use those cardboard gift boxes that I have collected over the years... and the dining room table, which while not protable, is in the middle fo the house so easy to access!