Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the red haze

Overnight the wind raged and twisted in the trees. This morning a red haze hung across the rooftops, and the light through my window glowed like a warning light and made the phrase' red sky at night, shepherd delight' worm it's way into my dreams and sit next to library books and turtles (don't ask. weird dream.).

It covered the seat of my bike with a fine layer and got into my eyes and nose on my ride to work. It was a little surreal, and made me feel like I was in the beginning of a book. The day the red dust blew into town, and settled on every surface. The day the red dust blew into town and brought with it.... That was it exactly, it felt like a harbinger of, well something.
By this afternoon it has cleared and pools of rust in potholes remain. The sky is clear and blue, and tonight the wind resumes, swaying and twisting in the trees.

(and this photo made the rounds today, and made me laugh!)

Have you ever had days that felt like the beginning of something, although it doesn't seem it?

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  1. Love the Godzilla in the dust pic... that so just made me grin hugely :D