Saturday, October 17, 2009

girls rule and boys drool

I don't know about sugar and spice, or that thing about snails and puppy dogs tails, but girls do rule. Last night we had a 'Girls Night In' dinner for the Breast Cancer Foundation and had a swingin' good time. Lovely lasses, loads of delicious food, wine and lots of chat and catching up and hugs. Every now and then it's just ace to gather up a dozen girls and be silly. Just ace. Plus we raised some dough for a great cause, and had a great time. Happy Breast day everyone!

Thanks so much for all your kind get-well wishes. It amazes me how much snot can come from one person, but I bet you didn't need that mental image, did you? I'm still sniffling and giving a hearty cough every now and then, but feeling much better and off to the library today and dinner with friends tonight. It's nice to come back into the world.


  1. I love how your friend has stayed committed to a fringe, even over the glasses! Looks like a fun night.