Wednesday, October 14, 2009

sniff cough splutter

I have not posted for a little while, I'm sorry I have missed you, too. I have been suffering from some major lack of motivation, with a side of sniffles that have just turned into a full-blown cold, with sore throat, chills, and more snot than you really want to see. (Any snot is really too much, actually. Yes.) I have been reading a lot, which is nice. And I'm sure somewhere, in the back of my brain, ideas are percolating, ready to bubble to the surface when I can breathe through both nostrils at once again. When my motivation returns along with a desire to wear something other than trackpants and t-shirts. When the sun on my skin is welcome and my idea of heaven no longer necessarily involve soft quilts in a dark room. I will be back soon.


  1. Feel better, dear! I hate the sniffles, but weirdly sometimes I think it's nice to have an excuse to rest from the world for a little bit.

  2. sorry you're feeling under the weather =-(
    hope you're feeling better soon and crafting lots of lovely new ideas!

  3. Get well soon! You'll be back to crafting shortly, and will have forgotten all about the sniffles...