Thursday, November 12, 2009

knitti gritti

Over in Melbourne there, as part of a community-based, contemporary arts and cultural festival Big West Festival, they have plans to knit an entire bridge. A whole bridge man.

If you're in Melbourne you can watch the daily progression of the Big Knit onsite at the Stockbridge during the festival and there'll be a casting-off celebration on Sat 28 November. Otherwise you can follow the progress on lovely blog Three Buttons (she'll be walking by every day) and also the Big Knit blog.

If that wasn't awesome enough, the festival is also working on an extensive guerrilla knitting campaign across the neighbourhood, with the help of hundreds of knitters.


  1. that sounds amazing - i can't wait to see the finished results, though getting there is half the fun =-)

  2. how much fun is that! would be great to see how it progresses day by day.