Friday, November 13, 2009

Ogres.are not. like cakes.

The theme for this week's (last weeks?) My Place and Yours meme from Meet Me At Mikes is My secret weapon.

It is, a little unexpectedly even to me; animated kids movies. I love to have them on in the background as I stitch or stuff or knit. They are cheerful (mostly) funny (with adult jokes interwoven that go over kids heads) and distracting enough so that I don't get bored with counting rows, but not so distracting that I sew ears on backwards. I think from working with kids too, they remind me of simple times and they way they would laugh uproariously and repeat the best lines over and over.

Whatever it is, I started small with Shrek and Shrek 2. Now whenever I've had a glum day, I know that picking up a new one and picking up some thread will make me calm and sort me out.

I probably own more kids movies than a grown woman without children should, but I mean to have some one day, so it's an investment, right?

(and the title of this post? arguably my favourite bit of Shrek. Parfait may be the most delicious thing on the whole damn planet)


  1. That. Is. The Coolest. Secret Weapon. Ever.

  2. Awesome, I love kids movies too, do you have Bambi? OOhh its good, they don't make movies like that anymore. The music is beautiful too, especially the part where the rain and the storm is actually music to all the animals.. mmmm.. :) I can have that movie on repeat all day just for the nice music parts hehe.

  3. I'm only about a month overdue reading this post!! ;) Your DVD collection looks EXACTLY like mine :) Whenever I sew or am busy in the craft room I ALWAYS have one on too!