Thursday, March 11, 2010

I like bikes

yes I do. They get us around in the fresh air and are so-darn-handy. Do you have a bike?


  1. I think I need that 'Keep Calm and Ride On' one somewhere on my person whilst riding! I'm no shrinking violet about my feelings when I'm on a bike, and there have been some pretty serious words with other drivers, pedestrians, even cyclists recently. Maybe I'd be better off keeping calmer and riding on sooner... hmmm. Or not - I was definitely in the law-abiding right each time!

  2. i like bikes too and i DO have one: an old yellow Schwinn i nick-named "Lemonade"; she is a little worn but she is a cute bike and i love that there is even a "Schwinn Approved" tag on the back of the bike seat! i really must start riding her for weekend errands again...thanks for sharing your "Bicycle Love"

  3. I love to bike (I dont have a car...) I saw in the paper this weekend that Sydney is one of the worst places to cycle in the world - as in most dangerous coz of crazy drivers! I'm totally with you Jen, I get so agro with drivers esp when Im riding through the city! Am loving these cutsie bike things though!