Tuesday, March 30, 2010

thanks Larry

To: Chess Moving Sydney

Re: Good Deed


I just wanted to let you know of the good deed of one of your employees.

A few months ago my bag was stolen from my house and some contents were never recovered. This week I received a call from one of your movers, Larry, who found my purse on the window ledge of a block of units he was doing a job at. He not only took the time to find my number and contact me, but he dropped it off in my letterbox that day with a note! What a champion!

As you can imagine it is was ace to recover many of my missing cards and contacts, and I’m very grateful. I am recommending Chess Moving to my friends and family as a result of this excellent karma. Give the man a pay rise. Or at least a bonus. Or a hug. Something.

Thanks again!

From: Pepper


Dear Pepper

Thank you very much for your email

I have passed on your kindly comments to Larry and also to our senior management team

It is always a pleasure to receive feedback and recognition for “good Behaviours” displayed by members of our team .

Thank you again for taking the time to commend Larry on his good deed

I will formally recognise him at our next team meeting

With Kind Regards


Managing Director

UniGroup Worldwide UTSChess Moving Sydney


  1. Oh stop or you'll make me cry!! That is awesome. Larry is awesome.

  2. Good karma, indeed! Kind people are hard to find - LARRY IS AWESOME! As are you, Pepper! ;)

  3. How brilliant!
    It's always good to read something good about people isn't it.
    Yay Larry!

  4. What a lovely story. (Oh! There's that word again!) But it really is.