Tuesday, March 16, 2010

older and noticeably rounder

I went to post about my week in pictures, and realised that all the pictures were food. All. Food. This post could be renamed The Week I Ate A Lot. Or, How To Gain Weight Suddenly.

Now I am eating salad again and going to the gym. (still eating chocolate. Chocolate doesn't count.)

Geez it was tasty though.

Tasty Japanese beer (Brewed For Good Times!) at lovely Japanese Restaurant with lovely Boy.

Barbeque with Spanish folk. Those guys really know how cook. and sing.

Delicious Duck Noodle Soup from a little restaurant in an unexpected corner. With condiments.

Birthday cake in the Office

Birthday pizza. And Pasta. And Garlic Bread. And Wine.

High Tea Baby Shower (much more on that later!) with cupcakes and nibblies and finger sandwiches and pastry and cakes and...

then CHEEEEESE TOAST! Oh Sizzler.

Devonshire Tea on the train
'Aaah.. ' *pats stomach contentedly*
ps. I started this post on Sunday and only just got around to posting today.. it's been a busy week, so much to tell you! And on the weekend I'm going fabric shopping! eeeeehhhh!


  1. Nice pictures!!! These are very cute, specially the noodle soup one. I like the idea of showing your week in pictures. I'm also glad I'm looking at this at 12:30pm, because I'm going to lunch. It's making me hungry.

  2. im starving now....thanks!
    i haven.t had cheese toast from sizzler in like 30 something years.
    i LOVED that stuff.
    thanks for the reminder.
    your blog is lovely.

  3. I think I have food envy - it all looks so tasty, and that cake is beautiful!

  4. Hmmm... yeah chocolate doesn't count!... and that office cake looks divine :)