Monday, August 2, 2010

ooh bookshelves

So many bookshelves. Beautiful, beautiful bookshelves.

See more here.


  1. Hi, gorgeous bookshelf and nice picture. Hope you have a nice weekend!!;)

  2. I love bookshelves too, but right now my little lady loves pulling all of the books off. I will live vicariously through these photos.

  3. thanks for sharing this... im inlove with books and these bookshelves makes me giddy even more about it.. =)

  4. Hey Pepper!!

    I’m so sorry! I have been crazy emphasis on the crazy busy (emphasis on the crazy)and some how missed your comment over on Mosterosity Tokyo...

    Thanks much for putting me in your blog round up….I have to say I really like your blog too… I love your style and reading your blog makes me think of home and the time I spent living I Sydney.

    Have an awesome day!!


  5. We had a great bookshop I used to get lots of vintage and out of print books - it was old you could barely move wall to ceiling books, books, books! The owner stated there were about 40,000 books in the place. He knew where everything was - how I don't know each shelf looked a shambles lol. He said his house and sheds were full with as many books too!! He had to give it up for health reasons - I always wondered what he did with all those books......