Sunday, January 30, 2011

my week in pictures- bush week

I have been away from blog-land, in a very busy and lazy week.
We stayed at a friends beach house on the weekend and swam in rock pools. We met new people and we stayed up late and played dice and talked nonsense
and in the morning we passed kangaroos on the way to the beach.
The next day I was quite shady indeed.
When we got home I broke my favourite mug on the kitchen floor and was a bit sad.
On Australia Day we had a bbq at Adam and Kylie's house and swam in the pool a lot
and listened to the Hottest 100 countdown. And played cricket too.
I was a bit shady the next day, again.
My friends Jess and Louie came to visit on Friday and we went for a walk,
and swam in the local river. We jumped off a big rock which was scary and fun. On the way back we went impromptu 4WDing and bounced around a lot and that was fun too. Mike and Fe and Louie all had turns driving over logs and through swampy bits.
Louie made pancakes for breakfast and they were delicious, and Jess and I watched Friends reruns.
On Saturday we had a BBQ and invited Adam and Kylie over, and their kidlets too.
We made potato salad and grilled fish and ate chocolate (not at the same time)
we lit a fire in a barrel and stayed up late playing pictionary, and dice.
Today Jess and Louie started the drive back to Sydney, Mike and Fe are back at work, and I am watching cartoons and drinking tea and reading blogs and wondering when it might not-be-so-darn-hot.
That's what I've been doing. I hope you had an awesome week too x

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