Sunday, March 4, 2012

my week in pictures

I tried to have a surprise party for my twin sister. For the third time.
It didn't work out. I'm a little traumatised, but you can read about it
Maybe I'll try again in a few years. When we're 50.

I quit my job. I know! I did. I am my own boss again,
and I bought this mug to celebrate. Me? Cheesy? Always.

(And working on a new project which is super-exciting!)

On my way to meet a friend I found this BYO fish and chip shop. Cute much?

I was dating someone, but not anymore. But we did go on nice walks
and I found this swell tile graffitti under a bridge. So all is not lost.

I moved my studio around. Again. Six supervised. When in doubt,
move furniture. Perhaps I ought to add that to my rules for living.

Then I rearranged bits of the house too. And hung some pictures.
I particularly like the dashing fellow with the soccer ball.

And planted some herbs by the back door for lots of cooking.

Hope you had a lovely week too!


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