Friday, March 9, 2012

blog love- easy peasy organic

Delicious recipes? Bucketloads. Sustainability and thrifting, heaps and heaps. Lovely photos, ohmygoodness.

I really like this blog, it's one of those blogs which effortlessly mixes the personal life and thoughts of the genuine and lovely Amanda, with wonderful cooking resources (amazing recipes! how to make pickles! applesauce! with a very handy reference for tricky ingredients too!) and a good dash of thrifty sense and sustainable/eco ideas. She also writes elsewhere, like this post on how to shop for second hand clothes. And has an etsy store too.

Read it to be inspired and go buy a thrifted dress, make your own lipbalm, and cook a feast.

Thanks Amanda, you rock my blog world.


  1. Thank you thank you! What a lovely post, you've made my heart sing :)

  2. Go organic! We are working on our garden - winter crop in now. I love all these things you post about. Bet you'd like our blog (I share with a friend in Adelaide). Okay well off to check out Amanda, sounds awesome!!!